spray skirt for avocet RM?


I recently ordered an avocet RM and would like some feedback on spray skirts. I am new to SINK paddling and have been mostly paddling an OK scupper pro this past year. I am very used to having things accessible on deck.

I suspect I will eventually end up with two skirts-one neoprene and one nylon (?), but would like hear from others about features they look for, etc. I have seen these under deck bags that look pretty handy for gear, and am wondering how people get to this gear while on the water? There must be skirts with zippers or pockets???

This is probably a silly question, but so far the rental yaks I have used on tours and for classes have been old neoprene:)



Thanks everyone for the ideas.
Who manufactures the snapdragon?

I don’t think my avocet will be here in time for Donner. I have a rental avocet reserved. Had originally planned to test paddle an avocet while at Donner, but ended up with a little time in Sept. I am still trying to decide if I want to bring the rental or my scupper pro. I am taking another class on wet exits and re-entires, both assisted and solo, as well as into to the surf zone on 10/18. I had hoped to have my boat available to use, but it doesn’t look like it.

Thanks Sing:)