Spray skirt for Carolina 14.5

I have a new Perception Carolina 14.5 and was wondering what spray skirt others have found fits this kayak well?

Perception Airalite
Sorry can`t help with the spray skirt, but I am interested knowing what you think of your Perception and Airalite in particular

just about any of the decent skirt manufacturers will have a skirt that fits your boat. I am partial to the Snapdragon Supratex neo skirt. For under $100, I bought several different size skirts that have fit a number of ww and touring boats.




I have a Voyageur skirt for my 15’ Carolina that’s been great. Went through a day of rolling practice without popping off once, except when I wanted it to. The mesh pocket on the top is handy for stuff that I don’t mind getting wet, too.

It’s similar to the one on top of this page, but doesn’t have the insulation:


But, the Carolina is a popular boat, and most skirt manufacturers will have no problem pointing you to an appropriate skirt.

I went with the Harmony skirt. Can’t remember the model, but it had a reflective band, zippered pocket and anti-implosion bar all in nylon and a velcro closure tunnel all for under $100. My Carolina is a 13.5. I think the cockpit is just about the same size.

Given that this is my first boat, I went with plastic vs the Airlite. So far I really like the boat and hope to put many miles in this season.

Thanks for the info…
I have an inexpensive nylon skirt but I’m looking for something a little nicer. The one I have \does not seal very well around my waist oe the cockpit forthat mater.