Spray Skirt for FL

What spray skirt is everyone using for touring in South FL, Everglades National Park, etc?


Sprayskirts for Southern Florida
We always use our regular sprayskirts. Some paddlers prefer sit-on-tops to keep cool, but we have not found the heat to be a problem.



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This is what I use (have an older version that does not have the neoprene waist), the Sneak has a zipper on the front so you can stay cool in the heat, and then close it up when there are waves or you want to roll. Shoulder straps are important in big waves. Mine, without the neoprene waist, is good when doing a resonably fast roll, though the neoprene waist on the new version would make it even more water tight.

Made in USA, and very well made, available in a variety of custom colors, standard is black


I’ve used neoprene and
nylon, find them both rather hot to wear. It’s the lack of airflow. Don’t use’m unless I think I may need one. You’ll find the water in South Florida is pretty flat much of the time.

The zippered ones sound like a really worthwhile idea…


Big nylon tunnel with suspenders
That was my first sprayskirt and I still use it once in a while for hot or humid conditions. The spraydeck itself is neoprene but the large nylon tunnel gives me the option of wearing it either the normal way (underneath my PFD–good for roll practice) or over the PFD with the top of the tunnel left uncinched, venting very nicely. Mine’s a Snapdragon.

When I paddled in FL, we didn’t even use sprayskirts, though not because of heat. The outfitters wouldn’t let customers use them unless they went on a guided trip. Even when I offered to demonstrate a wet exit and solo re-entry, they refused.

Really depends on you and your kayak

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Location belongs a bit farther down the list of considerations.

Conditions vary greatly in S FL. Being "pretty flat much of the time" really depends on where and when you paddle. A lot of my gear is selected for the "what ifs" and to handle the more "interesting" days so I'm not finding myself in moderate conditions with rec level gear.

Coincidentally I was paddling (mostly) in ENP yesterday - with several Paddling.net regulars - and on the return leg we were in a pretty brutal upwind slog*. It was anything but calm - and while fighting that for a few hours I was glad to have a secure neo decked skirt I can rely on to stay put and keep a decent seal.

The wind and spay off the whitecaps provided plenty of cooling!

When it's calmer I can always just pop the skirt open.

* - It was 20-25kt sustained with stronger gusts - and really short steep sloppy wind waves/chop. Water being a bit shallow there magnifies what that wind would normally kick up in deeper waters. Not "big" conditions - it was just flat out snotty (which can be worse). We were only able to average about 1.6 knots against it - all in sea kayaks with decent speed potential: 2 QCC 700s, QCC 10x, Valley Qajariaq, Valley Nordkapp LV, a modified Night Heron, and a custom LV Greenland style S&G). These are quite common conditions there - particularly in the afternoon - and often very deceptive from a lee shore were things are often very calm.

makes a very nice Tropic Tour skirt that has worked great for me in coastal paddling trips and also for rolling practice.


waterproof and breathable. We just finished a coastal trip around the Cape to Everglades City. Very hot conditions before the front hit and I remained nice and comfy with the tropic tour. Did well in the bad conditions too, nice and dry below deck.

Spray skirt for tropical climate
not sure exactly what the conditions should be in Florida but I assume they are rather tropical.

Since I paddle in Brisbane, Australia I have some experience with serious heat and humidity.

Myself and most of the people in my club paddle with Reed sprayskirts.

They are way more breathable then neoprene and virtually they stay cooler.

They are also much lighter and more compact. They don’t absorb water and dry super fast.

Sounds like I am related to the manufacturer but it ain’t so.

They are made in UK and can be custom ordered if needed for the same price as stock ones


All Neo all the time.
Good edgeing and other tequniques require that you not worry about water in your lap. Kayaking without a skirt is just canoeing with a double bladed paddle. Rolling is the best way to stay cool.

"Roger That"
In the summer you will have to contend with the occasional squall and may get by with a lighter skirt. Winter time fronts come through (it’s still blowing over 30kts.) and remember a loaded boat will ride lower in the water and take much more water over it.

Best to be ready for the worst case.

second the Chill Cheater skirts
Check with Sweetwater or Sea Kayak Georgia for stock models to fit your boat(s). CC custom work is great too.

Triple that
I was out yesterday in the 10,000 islands and it was pretty nasty. People not from Florida tend to under estimate the conditions. Use a proper skirt.

What these two guys above are trying …
to say is you need a good spray skirt.

Especially if you want to survive.

Check out Snapdragon.



Level 6 ?
You might consider this from Level 6.


tropical tour
My tropical tour let in about 5 gal. after three rolls???