Spray skirt for loon 138

The spray skirt I got with my Old Town Loon 138 recboat is a royal PIA.It is so hard to put on,so hard to get into but doesn’t stay on when you need it to.Is there another company that makes a sprayskirt to fit my boat that would actually work ?

138 Sprayskirt
Speaking as a former owner of a L138, loved the boat, hated that friggin sprayskirt. I looked all over but found it hard to even find a skirt big enough for it. And yeah your right, it does’nt always stay on!!! I had to have someone help me with it everytime I went out and just accepted it. Good Luck

What’s the cockpit size on the 138?
I’ve got an America and got a Voyageur skirt off e-bay that has worked fantastic. I know both harmony and voyageur make spray skirts for the WS Pungos and the america boats. You might want to give them a try. Can’t begin to immagine sitting in a boat with a cockpit the size of my americas and trying to slip it on only to have it pop back off.

spray skirt
I put mine on while I am sitting in the boat. The seat has to be position properly so you have enough room behind it. I put the front on and stretch the back on with both arms behind me, kinda swing it side to side till it catches then fasten the velcro. Took a few times to learn but now it is easy.

Sprayskirt issues

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Mine works great. Sorry to hear about your trouble. What exactly is hard about putting it on? Too tight? If so, can you add a little slack in the bungee by re-tieing the knot? Are you putting it on then getting in the boat to fit it onto the lip? this is the way to do it. Did you get it from Old Town? If so, what did they say when you complained?
Once on, you can unzip it to get out during the day's use. No need to take it off during the day.
Need exact details of problem I guess.

L138 skirt
I had to loosen the knot to give the bungee a little more slack. Then I also left the skirt on the boat while it was stored in the garage to stretch it to fit a little, and it has been fine since. One other thing, mine has a strap on the underside which had to be let out a bit to prevent the skirt from pulling up off the sides. I install mine before I get into the boat. I put the front in place, then stretch it back to get the back on, and then work it on around the sides. Once it’s on I slide in and out using the zipper for day use.

Spring Creek Outfitters
sells quite a few skirts. I have a half-skirt (mini-skirt) that catches paddle drips, like it real well.

I also have a Loon 138.
I have been trying to figure out the benefit of a spray skirt. I just ordered the Predator work deck that fits the Loon 111 and 138. Mostly want my legs out of the sun. Do you guys really find full sprayskirts useful. I am a fairly newbie and may be missing the perverbial boat.

Usefullness of skirt on rec boat?
In a word,-for me- yes. I like to paddle in the rain. I also have to deal with some nasty wakes from powerboaters and then there’s the unforseen chop that large cockpit boats don’t take well to.

Predator Work Deck Potential…
…problem as I see it. I have one and I had to modify mine so the rear straps are velcro’d instead of strapped on. I was worried about potential for entrapment with 2 rear straps that couldn’t be unfastened in a hurry. Otherwise I like the work deck. WW

McYak, I see your point…
I am generally in pretty quiet areas. Small lakes, slow rivers and occasional harbor. Never felt more than a rolling wake or small splash from chop on windy pond. I will keep it in mind as I explore.

WW, thanks for the tip.
I will keep that in mind when I get my deck.