Spray Skirt for Nordkapp H20

The data:

-Nordkapp H20 w/ keyhole cockpit (previous owner uses a “Seals 1.4” skirt with it)

-Paddler is 5’9" and 195 lbs, (once) athletic build

The quest:

-To find a spray skirt that fits my boat and I and can be used in summer conditions in the NE (3 season would be great, but not sure if a skirt can "stretch that far).

-To find a spray skirt that will not leak while learning to roll.

(I am used to wearing an all nylon skirt in flat water. It’s comfortable, but no way would it prevent water from getting in if I rolled.)

All neoprene (1mm or 3mm?) or neoprene/nylon combo?

Any cost effective candidates?

Many thanks!

Reed spray decks
are a nice alternative to all neo. They seal well to coaming and have an adjustable tunnel to adapt to different clothing layers and very easy on and off. I never found any nylon decks to be very leak resistant. A well fitting neo deck by Seals or Snap Dragon work well. When I snug down the Reed deck it keeps out water as well for me. The Reed is much more comfortable in my local SC summers.

Prefer full neo
I use a nylon skirt on our rec boats in sheltered water only. For my sea kayaks I stick with full neo for surfing, rolling, or just cruising, even in warm months in Baja. Currently using a Seals 1.4 Pro Shocker on my Nord LV. I like it a lot.

I don’t get nylon skirts
If a neo skirt is too hot you can always cool off by rolling. And you’ll burn less calories and heat up less draining the boat.

IM Shockwave
I have had good results using an Immersion Research Shockwave neo skirt on my Nordkappp RM, size Large. These are frequently on sale as well. i beleive I got mine under $75.

Ocean Trek Snapdragon
Caught one one sale… large tunnel and medium deck. Hopefully I guess right for my H20! Thx for the advice.