spray skirt for Pathfinder

Hi - I have a 15 ft Pathfinder which tends to ship water in rapids. Does anyone know if there is a spray skirt (either full or partial) that would fit this model?

elly, I’m going to bump this back to the
top and invite you to say a little more about the nature of your “Pathfinder.” Sounds long for a recreational kayak, but a sprayskirt for a canoe is kind of a specialty item. What kind of boat is this?

I’m betting…
I’m betting it’s an Old Town Pathfinder “canoe”.

If it is; I’m also betting that the only spray cover you’ll find for it is one that you have custom made.

Would venture a guess that a custom made spray cover for an Old Town Pathfinder would be in the neighborhood of $300.00…probably more.


Spray Cover
You may want to try paddledry.com. They make nylon covers that will fit most size tandem boats. They are around $295.