???spray skirt for surfski???

I saw some pics of a K1 with that long skirt that still allows free range of leg movement.

It got me thinking…

I train year round as long as the water isn’t hard. My training is on bulkheaded lagoons so there is zero chance of rough water.

My winter boat is a Futura II. Stable with enough speed to make for a good workout.

Two things are bothersome:

  1. bundling up in fleece with rain pants
  2. ice cold water on legs/azz from drip.

    Am I nuts for thinking of making a skirt that could be velcro’d in position to offer both warmth and water protection?

    Again- my boat is on my dock- I plop it in the lagoon and have a two mile loop with zero exposure to open water.

    I just think a skirt would offer a solution to the cold(weather) and cold water…

    I love my skis so don’t say get a sik. Don’t need/want a drysuit because I will never venture away from the lagoons in winter.

    Till now I am fine with the fleece-rainpants combo. But thought about the skirt idea.


Just slide…
into one of those large garden trash bags?

wearable spray skirt
OK, it’s actually a drysuit. I thought I didn’t want one, then found one on sale and made the leap figuring I’d sell it if it didn’t fit or bugged me. But I find it gets me on the water much quicker and with fewer worries. It’s a b-Pod with the glideskin neck and attached booties - I recommend it, and you won’t have to Frankenstein a skirt onto your ski. There are also cheaper paddling suits (Gul make one) that could fit the bill.

you’re crazy
but so are a lot of us.

Good luck in your search and share pictures of what you finally comeup with.


Good idea, but not velcroed in place.
that would be a killer if you went over.

If there is a big enough market for one, call up Snap Dragon and see if they can come up with something. (the problem I see is attaching it to the ski so that you can safely get out if you flip)

Someone above mentioned a dry suit, but that would be way too hot! That is the very reason I don’t wear mine in the winter months when I am working out.



Another Option
Would be to try a K-1 distributor/manufacturer like Grayson at Kayakpro.com or Nelo. They may offer accessory half spray decks that could fit. (Van Dusen…?) If you used a light weight Velcro at a several attachment points rather than a constant bead, it could work. As Jack said though, exiting in the event of a dump should be paramount. Positioning the Velcro so you don’t get water under the skirt might take some forethought.

I hear you on the drysuit. I have the ultra high zoot Kokatat Gore Tex one, and sweat like a Sumo wrestler in the spring and late fall. You make your own gravy in these things, like a boil in bag of Birdseye frozen vegetables…

clearly I’m not paddling hard enough in my drysuit…

I figured using a small bit of velcro placed at spots along the boat just to hold the skirt down.

And I’d like to think if I did dump, the velcro would pull off very easy.


Posted by: carldelo on Nov-21-07 1:19 PM (EST)

clearly I’m not paddling hard enough in my drysuit…

this is fitness paddling- not touring…I do work up a sweat every time. My rain pants are cheapo non-breathable …