spray skirt for tsumani 175 or Storm GT

I have been paddling for over three years and looking to do some sea and rough water kayaking looking to buy either Tsumani 175 or Storm GT was thinking about the spray skirt with the seat the 175 has the zone seat and the GT has a hard back, how will the spray skirt fit and will it work


I have a tsunami 145 with zone seat and
a seal skirt that works fine. It’s a little bit of a PIA to get the skirt on the combing behind you when your in the seat but it can be done. No problem at all if you raft up with a partner

Swap out the seat back
Consider removing the seat back if in use you find it too tall and instead replace it with one of the various backbands that are available.

I hate tall seat backs - they just get in the way for entries & rescues, and get in the way of the skirt as well.

Try it as is first, and if you find it’s more bother than it’s worth, swap it out.