spray skirt for wilderness pungo 120

looking for best option for full spray skirt for this kayak with it’s big cockpit…anybody find skirt that fits well and is easy to use…looking to paddle when temp. cools off here in pennsylvania

Search the archives??? :slight_smile:
Sorry, just a joke referring to a recent thread.

Just bought a

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Harmony "Clearwater 120" for my Pungo 140. Haven't tried it out yet, but found one for $50 on sale. Try a archive search for "Pungo" and you should come across some threads for different skirts that would work.

Would that really fit? I thought the 140 cockpit was larger than the 120 by a few inches, and hte CW120 being made specificly for the 120. My friend has a Pungo 120 and he has tried just about every skirt he can get his hands on and none will fit, he hasnt tried the 120 yet though.

Voyageur and Harmony
both made em…I got one off e-bay for my america


Get one with that bow reinforcement or you’ll have a big puddle…in ur lap.

splash deck
Seals makes a “splash deck” that you might find interesting. It’s what I use most of the time instead of a full skirt. They come in two sizes, the larger on being big enough for a Pungo, and they have an implosion bar to keep the water from puddling.


According to the Harmony bag
…it says made for the Wildnerness Systems Pungo 120/140. If you look at the WS website, the cockpit dimensions are the same (57" x 22").

You might consider looking at both a full and a mini skirt. I have both skirts for my “real” Pungo and probably use my mini 90% of the time.

Any Wildy dealer should have both skirts stocked.

Check the Classified Ads
There’s one for sale in FL that may fit your Pungo.