Spray Skirt help

I’m finding shopping for a spray skirt even more of a challenge than choosing my first kayak!! Did anyone else feel like this?? My paddling will be on water ranging from Lake Superior to the Mississippi River. I like to take my yak out all season long right up until water starts freezing up. I don’t want to create a kayak sauna, so I’m shying away from all neoprene, but I do want good protection on colder water and in colder conditions. Is there a such thing as the perfect spray skirt?? I’m thinking that a combo. nylon/neoprene may be that way to go!!

Would appreciate any input and thoughts. My kayak has a more than agenerous cockpit (Kodiak Prijon 36"x19.75"). Is the ideal skirt out there??

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I have a Snapdragon Sea Tour for my QCC500x. Fits great, neoprene deck seals at the coaming well, but the coated nylon tunnel creates a sauna in warmer weather. If you can afford the cost, I would recommend a skirt with a breathable tunnel.Snapdragon, NRS, Kokatat all make these.


works for me
I 'll use a nylon coated deck in warm weather/water, one that doesn’t keep me very dry as it is old and the water repelancey is done in .In the glades this past winter while it was a bit cool I used a newer nylon coated deck keeps me dry as long as I’m not doing long low braces or in very heavy seas. In the Bay o Fundy water temp is about 42 F. yr. round in the past I used a good nylon deck that had a tight seal round the combing and now use a neoprene. Neo is NOT waterproof , if it was there would be no need for drysuits , because a wetsuit would keep you dry .You can also start another thread about wearin it on top or under clothes . Kinda like how the toilet paper oughta hang.

Have you gone to wildnet.com to check
out Prijon skirts? They may have the combo you want, and you are guaranteed a good fit on a Prijon kayak.

Didn’t see any Prijon skirts
went to the website but didn’t see any Prijon skirts. I looked both under spray skirts and did a search under Prijon.

You might want to take a look at Bomber Gear “Tour de Jour” and “Bomb Breaker”. All of the Bombergear stuff is amazingly breathable. The de Jour more so than the Breaker. As to which way to go, depends on your immersion level. Occasional rolls and mostly cruising go with a more fabric skirt. More surf or rolls = more neoprene.

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I LOVE my Snapdragon
I have and HIGHLY recommend the Snapdragon Glacier EXP (or something like that). It is a neoprene deck with a Goretex tunnel and a double velcro band on top of the tunnel.

Good luck


get a stretchy one
the snapdragon stretchy ones are nice. Has anyone really done tests on nylon/neoprene skirts comparing temperature/moisture retention? I gots to think that if it’s warm,and your legs are warm and in a closed space with lots of surface area and water inside I’d be surprised a breathable skirt really is going to do much as the hull in the air/water must affect the ability of goretex to transport moisture. Once you have a pfd with a high insulation rating I don’t see the difference neoprene will make. The fiberglass/hull and interior space have got to be as far from the conditions that goretex matters where a small volume of air space ensures a difference in pressure on either sides of the membrane.

Just for kicks sake you might look at the tuliks that are made with a breathable tyvek like fabric.