spray skirt help

HELP; I need to buy a sprayskirt for my self built kayak. All sites I have looked at use production kayaks as "sizeing charts"

I cannot find a production kayak with exact numbers for the cockpit.

Mine measures 30.5 X 15.5 [opening].

If I use a model "near" to the opening I have will the fit be acceptable. ie. will one [1-2] inches either way fit ?

I Have Read
other posts with similar questions. Seems that some of the manufacturers will custom make a skirt to your templet size. I know several manufacturers have been suggested, the only one that sticks in my mind is Snapdragon.


Try mountainsuff…
…send some email to them.

Tell him what you have with an accurate description, tell him what you want, and

see what they have to say.

Dimensions not the full story.
The shape can vary between cockpits with the same dimensions so there is a risk to choosing a deck based purely on these dimensions. Neoprene decks will stretch a lot, at least several inches in length when wet, however this will impact on how easy it is to fit/remove.

If you can take your kayak to a kayak shop you should be able to try the decks on to get the fit you want. Otherwise it may be better to get one custom made from a template of the cockpit.