Spray skirt modification / improvement

Whenever I have been using a nylon sprayskirt (Seals Sneak) during warm weather, light duty needs; I have always had leakage primarily at the rear of my cockpit, next to where the bungee chords are knotted.
Seals uses a small piece of hose to take up the slack of bungee, this piece would keep the skirt from fully seating up against the cockpit rim.
I found 2 smaller tubes that replaced the single larger hose, these tubes allow the edge of the skirt to fully tuck under the cockpit rim. The skirt no longer leaks.

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Thanks for sharing. I will try it on my Seals Sneak in the next couple weeks when I take out the big kayak for some serious rolling. The Sneak is much cooler for summer paddling than my normal neoprene.