Spray Skirt Question

I have just purchased two used whitewater kayaks. The seller threw in three neopreen (sp?) spray skirts that went with the kayaks. The skirts had not been used in several years. I am sure these spray skirts were used on these kayaks at one time. However, the skirts seem far too small for the cockpit openings of the kayaks. I can not force the skirts to fit on the cockpits. Could the skirts be constricted from years of nonuse? If so is there a way I can streech them or make them more plyable?

Too Tight
A whitewater skirt should be tight. Throw the skirt in the water and let it get good and wet then try putting it on the boat. One time long ago I had a Mountain Surf skirt that I had to have help with the first time I put it on even if it was wet. That may have been a little too tight. As a plus - it never did blow.


If you know the sprayskirt manufacturer/model/slize, you can check with the manufacturer about the fit.

Note that not all WW kayaks have the same cockpit rim sizes. If the skirts have rubber rands, the fit will be much more critical because the rand skirts don’t strech as much as the bungy type.

Also, provide more detail: for example, what are the WW boats?

are you sitting in the boat

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it's really hard for me to put on a tight skirt unless I am sitting in the boat

PS you should learn what you are doing before using a tight neoprene skirt, unless you can breath water and have a rockproof head.

Thanks. I will soad the skirt in warm water and try again.

More details.
The kayaks are a Dagger Crossfire with a cockpit that is 32" X 18" and a Noah AeroQuatic with a cockpit about the same size. The spray-skirts are Perception Harmony LC-I Sprayskirts.

I agree
I have a Whitewater Clinic in May. I was in the kayak in my garage when trying on the sprayskirt.

Got one to fit
OK. We are making a little progress. After soaking the skirts in water, one of the skirts fit nicely on the Dagger Crossfire.

The other skirt streeches far enough to fit on the AeroQuatic. However, the rubber bank that fits on the cockpit lip slips off the back before I can hook it on the front. Is there another trick I should know.

A trick
Lean back to get the back of the skirt around the rim. Then lean forward just a little bit until you put a small amount of pressure on the back of the skirt. Next start putting the back sides of the skirt around the rim until you almost reach your hips. Time for the front. Put your thumbs behind the front of the skirt and lean forward to attach the front. Use your body, not your arms. If necessary, hold the front on with one hand while you attach the rest with the other. Good luck.

And keep the front end low
Even with one of my sea kayaks, I have to remember to keep the front of the skirt quite low as I stretch it forward. Somehow with the vertical rise of the coaming, all I have to do is have the front a little too high and I pull off the back end.