Spray skirt question

Hello, the cockpit opening on my boat is 34.25" long, 19.5" wide, and has a circumference of 88.25". Can I use a skirt with a max listed circumference of 87" safely? I can get it on, but it’s very tight and harder to pull off than others I’ve used.

Depends on what you prefer.

I have a skirt that is a beast to put on a boat - randed skirt I got closeout when Bomber Gear was shut down. Pretty much have to get the skirt wet for it to go on. I have never used it, as I don;t want to risk that and I don;t need that level of tightness. Still have it in case I have a boat with a smaller cockpit that I want to use it on.

But I have lots of skirts that are on tight enough that they won’t come off when waves crash on my deck or the like (and won’t come off unless I take the specific action of pulling the release strap). Kicking a knee up, trying to stand up - those skirts won’t pop off. Pull handle or I am staying in. I use these all the time.

Put it on the boat and leave both in the hot sun. It will fit better afterward.

It is a bungee skirt or a randed one? If bungee, you could soak it in water and then stretch it over a big laundry basket (or something with a circumference an inch or more larger than the skirt) and leave it on. Rinse and repeat if necessary. You could also leave it on your kayak between paddles. Bungees will stretch over time - but it does take some time.

If you purchased the skirt, try a wet exit using the skirt with a safety standing by. Also see if you can get it off using only one hand.

I would say if you can get it off with ONE hand your ok. If not try stretching as other have said.

I’m not sure what the difference between randed and bungee is. The skirt is a snap dragon amortex if anyone can tell me what they are.
I’ll see if I can pull it one handed later on tonight but I’m sure I’ll be able to, although it may require pulling away from myself to get it over the lip. The other skirts I’ve used have been a very tight fit as well, just not quite this tight.


4mm Amortex Aramid Kevlar deck
3mm neoprene tunnel
Heavy-duty shock cord rand
Rim guard reinforcement
Single-deck construction
2" webbing grab loop