Spray Skirt recommendation - Delta Kayaks

I have a Delta 17 that I quite like, but am having a bit of trouble finding a well-fitted skirt. The cockpit is 32"x17" officially, but measures about 35"x19" on the outside. I’ve tried the Level 6 club size large which is too tight. I’ve tried a Brooks XL and Brooks L, both of which work, but occasionally pop off when rolling (possibly because the boat was treated with some sort of armor-all or formula 303, but maybe because they don’t have the grippy rubber rand). I’m thinking of buying the Delta branded skirt, though I’ve never seen one in person (anyone know who makes those)? Any other recommendations on brands/models/sizes?
Many thanks in advance.

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Watching. I’ve got the Delta 15.5GT and was planning to buy the Delta spray skirt soon.

I can say that the cockpit cover is made from neoprene and fits like a glove (it’s slightly hard to get it on the boat, but it fits the coaming perfectly).

The Level 6 Club in large is tight on that size cockpit, but it can get on there. It goes on easier when it’s wet. I use that skirt in that size on my WS Tsunami, which has similar cockpit dimensions. A Seals 1.7 size fits as well.

I have seen a few mentions of the newer Deltas having some kind of super slick finish or some other issue that keeps many skirts from staying on during a roll. The YouTube channel Adventure Otaku has noted this issue, because he uses a newer Delta and was having the same problem. Would using a bicycle inner tube around the cockpit rim help fix this problem? My thought is that it would stay in the space under the rim and provide a surface that a skirt could grab on to. It’s ridiculous that only the manufacturer’s brand skirt should work with their kayaks for any reason other than some abnormal shape.

A couple years back I went to replace a spray skirt and the manufacturer that I had previously bought from was gone. I found another maker, Immersion Research (IR), that had a similar product. I followed the instructions for measuring the coaming and ordered the recommended size. The thing arrived and it was WAY too tight. I sent it back and requested the next size up and got a perfect fit. I don’t know who’s making those manufacturer’s fit decisions but they can certainly be wrong.

A Seals 1.7 will fit it. My cockpit measures 35"x19" as per the website but is 36"x19" on the outside. I have a Seals 1.7 and a 2.2. They both fit but the 1.7 (which the Seals sizing recommends) is a bit snug and harder to get on. The 2.2 fits very well and is a bit less of a struggle. You having a 35"x19" outside measurement should have a good fit with the 1.7.


Seals website says 1.7 for your boat. https://www.sealsskirts.com/sizing/sizing.php

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I can use skirt from my Solstice on my Nomad / Extreme. Yes they are not that exact of a fit. Unless you’re getting pounded in the surf or waves I don’t think they have to be super tight.