Spray skirt sauna

I currently have 2 types of seals skirts, nylon Sneak with a zipper opening tunnel (minimal water tight), and neoprene Shocker for wetter conditions.

All of my boats used to be the same size, not now. I am looking for some input on other brands or models, that breath better, and do not turn the interior of the boat into a sauna, but allow for an occasional roll or wave breach.

I am looking for the equivalent of a seals 1.4 with a medium tunnel (32" waist), that breathes a little.

Has anybody found the perfect spray skirt (in their opinion)?


– Last Updated: Sep-04-13 4:45 PM EST –

For a warm-weather skirt, I recommend the Immersion Research Coromell. The tunnel is a breathable nylon, the deck is thin neoprene, I think 1 or 2 mm. It's extremely stretchy, and the bungee rim is quite good. The waist is one-size-fits-all, with velcro adjusters - probably OK for a roll or three. I have an earlier version, the current version looks nicer.

For sizing, you need to check the IR site, they size the deck using a cockpit circumference measurement. If on the cusp between sizes, I would go up, as it is so stretchy.

Currently on sale at Backcountry and Campmor, by the way...

PS I note that the Coromell now has no suspenders --- my version has them, which I like, but many do not.