Spray Skirt Seepage

I bought a Snap Dragon (Glacier model) nylon spray skirt this year. It seems to fit snugly around the coaming. There are no suspenders but a waist band which is secured by velcro. I wear the spray skirt waist band fairly high but the water somehow seems to travel to the back of the skirt and seep into the cockpit; particularly the lower back of my clothing. I constantly check to se that the skirt is secure and tight.

Any comments or advice would be welcome and appreciated.

Does it pocket at the back?
Between your back and the coaming. If water pools anywhere on most nylon skirts it will seep through. I get the same thing on my nylon decked skirts. I find that a neoprene works best, and if you can tolerate it a neoprene tunnel is better also. Especially if you are doing any rolling.

I Used A Nylon
Snapdragon skirt for about a year. It leaked and I just assumed that was normal. I was told by someone I have learned to listen to that all nylon skirts leak and to get a neoprene skirt with a neoprene tunnel. I purchased a Snapdragon neoprene skirt with a neoprene tunnel and it keeps all the water out, even during a roll.

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Thanks Rwvwn and Mark

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The water does seem to stay on the front of the skirt and builds up near my stomach but it doesn't seep there. By "pocket" Rwven I assume you mean build up in an area. It may be pocketing in the back but I don't see it as well as in the front where it does not leak.

I considered neoprene Mark but the kayak shop told me that nylon would be cooler on Lake Michigan in the summer. I guess I didn't need it to be cooler in the winter too: possibly my mistake.

Sorry rwven- i misspelled your name in the subject line and couldn't edit it.

I bought my first skirt in vinyl for the same reason, I thought it would be cooler. I am not sure which would be cooler now that I have both. In NC during most of the year we pay a lot of attention to staying cool. One of the side benefits of rolling is to cool off. I will also unhook the skirt from the coaming if it is calm and hot to let the air circulate. Again, I dont know that unhooking the skirt actually cools things down, but it at worst helps mentally.

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The PFD with the skirt is the problem
I bet your PFD touches the skirt in the back, and not the front…(Mine does). My seat back also touches due to the height I adjust it to, so capillary action causes the skirt to seep, much like a single wall tent will seep when you touch the sides when it’s raining.