Spray skirt size issue

I am a larger fellow with a 44 inch waist. Having trouble finding a spray skirt that fits me.


have custom made
Snapdragon.com, brookspaddlegear.com, sealsskirts.com, to name a few

Or, make your own.

The above option of a custom skirt tunnel size is ideal. I’d go that route if possible.

I guess an alternative is to buy some nylon or neoprene and sew some xtra girth. The tunnel is a simple enough thing to sew. It can be seam sealed to waterproof it.

I had a friend who could sew make me a custom sun/spray deck with a zipper.

Inversion quotient?
What’s your planned play time in waves and surf? Intentional rolling? Etc.?

Or are you spending more time oxygen side up?

Wildwasser Neo/Neo Pocket Skirt is quite adaptable to larger sizes of paddler torsos.

Immersion Research Coromell is a neo/fabric half n’ half that works nicely for ocean touring purposes.

Other suggestions will follow, I’m sure.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Think about
a half skirt for the summer. Much cooler and keeps sun off you legs and prevents drips from collecting. You can forget rolls with a half skirt. Search half skirts or mini skirts for kayak.

Checkout Feathercraft skirts. They are very adjustable.