Spray Skirt Sizing

I have a Perception Carolina 14 and I’d like to get a spray skirt for it but have no idea what size I need. The cockpit is 39.5" x 21.5". All the skirts I’ve looked at are sized M, L, XL or have numbers such as 2.4, 2.8, etc.

I emailed Perception but got no answer. Any input on what size I need?

Check out SnapDragon
I lost my WildWasser last May and checked into SnapDragon. They have a “Fits List” at http://snapdragondesign.com/fit-lists/ and your boat is one of the listed models.

Deck Specifics are at http://snapdragondesign.com/deck-sizing-index/

In addition to the cockpit, tube size matters with the SnapDragon skirts. Tube sizing guide is at http://snapdragondesign.com/tube-sizing-index/

Maybe you can drop by a shop and test out a skirt?

Spray Skirt Size

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For Seals spray skirts:


So a 2.5 in a Seals is what you want.

The Seals skirts in retail stores should have a big book of kayaks attached that gives the skirt sizes for tons of kayaks.

For Harmony:


Most of the skirt makers should have a tool or chart online to tell you what should fit.

It may be inconvenient for you to drive
to a dealer with a variety of skirts in stock, but that’s the sure way of getting a skirt that goes on, stays on, and is comfortable. If you get a neoprene tunnel, don’t get one that’s too tight. Your torso needs to twist. Also, once you buy it, you may be able to trim 2 or 3 inches off the top of the tunnel for improved comfort and coolness. Maybe an inch at a time.

Some buy a high, tight tunnel to keep water out when rolling. I rely on a paddle jacket or drytop worn over the tunnel to do most of the job of controlling the water.

You will find you have two problems
The first is knowing the size and that has been solved for you. And actually many online merchants also have a size chart for what they sell. But the second problem is more difficult. There is not much demand for larger spray skirts. So both stores and online sellers don’t stock them. What you will likely have to do is wait for 2 to 3 weeks while the manufacturer makes one in your size and ships it out. I am waiting on a Seals 2.2 which a local store ordered. NRS’s website does not even list the larger spray skirts. You have to call them and have them special order it.

(not affiliated) has skirts in stock that should fit your boat:

do a search there for sprayskirt.

Seals Extreme Tour in 2.5 is there - on sale- on first page. Couple of pages further the Snap Dragon Glacier Trek shows up w. a coupon code for 15% off Snapdragon.

Free shipping.

They have a good return policy as well.

One more thought needing input.
I’ve had skirts that were supposed to fit specific kayaks, but due to a high backed seat were really difficult to get onto the combing. Such as an OT Castine which has a higher seat back than my Necky Manitou 14.

When in place, those with high seat backs can also make your PFD ride higher.

Anyone have a solution? For winter paddling, I did get a SEALS neoprene skirt with a nylon/suspender top, in the next bigger size.

Old or New Carolina.

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Do you have the old Carolina or the newer one with the bigger cockpit. I have an Immersion Research spray skirt that fits perfectly but if yours is the new one it probably won't fit. Mine has the small cockpit.

Swap out for a backband
Decent skirts and and high seat backs are just not going to play well together.

Harmony sized it
Harmony sized it for me and said it should be 41/32(?) or 2.5. I ordered the skirt but it’s too loose. Called Harmony again and they told me to untie the knot in the bungee cord, pull it tighter and retie. The problem is, the bungee won’t slide through at all. It almost feels like it’s glued in place. Is there some secret they forgot to tell me about?

The secret
Don’t buy Harmony. They are the bottom of the barrel as far as quality is concerned. Get one from Seals or Snapdragon. They both have published fit charts that work and their product is high quality.

maybe try a 2.2

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that's the size that fits some other kayaks that have a slightly larger cockpit (Remix XP10, Dagger Approach, Perception Rhythm). the Carolina's cockpit is a size up from the Tsunami which takes a 1.7, so I'm thinking a 2.2 might actually fit better than a 2.5.

Harmony's own chart lists the Carolina as a 38x20 so you may be good if they exchange it for a size smaller.

(edit) if the skirt is big enough to fit too loose without having to stretch it a bit to get it on, tightening the bungee isn't going to achieve a good fit.