Spray Skirt to fit a Point-65?

-- Last Updated: Nov-24-08 8:29 PM EST --

I just got a Point 65 'XP'. The keyhole cockpit is very narrow. My standard skirts fit OK length wise, but there's some extra fabric in the width department.
Do any of the skirt manufacturers have an off-the-shelf skirt sized to fit this boat?
I have ordered a few custom skirts over the years and I'll go that route if necessary... I'm just trying to avoid the hassle if there's something already out there that will work.

Not my boat, but here's what an XP cockpit looks like...



Point Skirts
Have you tried a medium Reed? We’ve had good luck with those for some of our Point customers. Feel free to give us a call on Wednesday and we can talk about the options. I can put one on an XP after we talk & see if it addresses your concerns.

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Thanks for your reply Tom.

I have several IR skirts that I like a lot. Since my original post, I contacted them directly and they do have a pattern to fit my boat.

Thanks again for your help.

No worries. We also carry IR skirts (the shockwave) if need someplace to order one from :-).


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