Spray Skirt Troubles Tsunami 145

I have a Tsunami 145 and a seal coastal touring shirt, the cockpit in the 145 is a little larger for big boy like me.

Anyway the skirt fits snug but the way the cockpit edge is shaped it c0omes down at an angle then flattens out towards the rear, this is where I am having trouble the skirt keeps popping up in that area.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they fixed it.

I was considering velcro since it would come free in a wet exit easy with out snagging.

Buttons crossed my mind but they can get hung up.

Well open to suggestions hope the description is not to terrible.


Eric G

If it has the high backrest you could try replacing it with a lower backband. Skirts don’t do well with the backrest pushing up on the rear of it.

The spot where it pops up is on the side. Rather that following the angle down the skirt wants to bridge it rather than tuck in and stay.

Hard to explain

Hard to explain…
Is the bridge near the backrest… Can you take the BR out of the equation and dry fit the skirt?

back rest gone
Even with the back rest folded down the skirt doesn’t seat in that area.

Even with nothing in the way the skirt just doesn’t snug in that area on the left and right sides. It just needs something to pull it in.

May need a larger skirt or a cheaper one with the large bungee…

Hopefully a Tsunami owner or Steve will chime in.

Good luck, GH

adding velcro and/or buttons - no. A properly fitting skirt is simple and doesn’t need any of that.

Agree the backband should come off, at least temporarily, if not for good. then as suggested see if you can dryfit the skirt without being in the kayak.

Is the “tensioned deck stay” as described by Seals near the problem area at the sides? Maybe it is moving or snapping awry, and interfering w. the fit at the sides

If nothing else works, send it back to Seals for a custom tuning. These skirts are made in an American shop where they are individually hand stitched. The sides may need to be tightened a bit. There are so many kayaks on the market that even a fit list as comprehensive as Seals’ is not exact science.

If you send in your skirt, measure outside edge to outside edge, then inside edge to inside edge of the coaming where is is slipping off. Or make a tracing of your cockpit w. these dimensions noted and of course tell them the boats make and model.

good luck

Use heatgun to bend lip more if possible
My $.01(from a canoe guy) would be take a look at other boats at local shop to compare. Could be the rim indeed needs to be heated and bent over more…if the material won’t start melting… If all other rims look alike maybe it’s your skirt. Hunt down shop that carries the top-of-the-line skirts…ask clerk if you could “try one on” your boat…to see.

Skirt Waist position to high…
when you fasten the Skirt waist around you the waist is to high up your body…you are pulling the skirt loose when you rotate your torso paddling…simple fix, adjust the skirt on your body lower to reduce the pull on the skirt at the combing…

void the warranty?
i’m all for do it yourself but rotomoulded plastic can be a tricky thing to heat and if the customer gives it a go and it cools wrong…

I would try everything possible w. the skirt adjustments first. IF a misshapen coaming is the culprit why would he want to keep the boat, get it exchanged under warranty. WS touts a lifetime warranty…

soundz like
you have the wrong skirt for that boat. seals skirts fit well and should not be giving you grief, if it is NOT the backrest’s fault. Joe @ seals does an outstanding job of sizing the skirts up for the vessel!

don’t even think about buttons and velcro. they won’t work.


Sell it
I am going to sell this skirt and buy another one see how that works. Anyone interested in Seals coastal tour 2.2 spray skirt never used except to try it out.

Make me an offer 65.00 shipped sounds fair :wink:


wrong size
According to the Seals site you should be using a 1.7 and not the 2.2


size 1.7
1.7 is a little tight on the Tsu 145 but, it will fit. 2.2 is big! that’s the size my Approach takes.

a touring skirt with a neoprene deck will stretch and conform better… Immersion Research Excursion (size L) is my choice. Or you could look into some of the Snapdragon offerings.

Sierra Trading Post has a nylon one called the “Sirius” made by Wilderness Systems that’s pretty decent and fits the Tsunami well.

I started out with a 1.7 skirt that the dealer sold me and that didn’t come close to fitting way to small, I took it back after researching the 1.7 fits the 120 and the 140 but not the 145.

That site doesn’t work on my blackberry for some reason so I could not check it there.

Thanks I will look in to it when I get to a Pc


I started with the Sirius myself and one other person could not make it fit. I loved the design and weight of the skirt was kinda upset I couldn’t get it in a 2.2 maybe I will take the boat up soo and see what they say. I would like to have the WS skirt back if possible.


tunnel size
You mentioned you’re a “big boy”. It sounds like you may want to get the larger tunnel size. I’ve seen this before where the skirt size is right for the boat, but with the tunnel being tight on the body, it pulls off of the coaming on the side - just like you said. Seals will make a 2.2 with a larger tunnel for a small customization fee.

1.7 fits 145
I took a surf zone class today - the outfitter provided WS Tsunami 145’s and I wore my neo Seals 1.7 skirt, fit right, easy on.

Poly is a very slippery material and the rather thick coaming doesn’t help keeping the skirt in place. It helps alot to sand the underside of the coaming with like 60 grit sandpaper to provide a somewhat less slippery surface for the skirt to grip.

Bill H.

Seals 170

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I own a Tsunami 145 and recently had to replace my WS sprayskirt and found that the Seals 1.7 is the right size. No problems at all.