spray skirt

Hi! Does anyone keep your spray skirt on your kayak like when its stored in your garage, or do you only put it on when out on the water? I dont want to ruin mine by leaving it on all the time or does it matter? Thanks for replying!!

Cockpit cover
When I store my boats I use a cockpit cover (a nylon cover with a bungee around the perimeter to hold them on).

I rinse my spraydecks after each use and then hang them up to dry. Once they are dry, they go into my gear bag until the next use.



spray skirt
Thanks! I just thought if the skirt was left on for any long length of time that eventually the elastic would weaken.So, I guess I need to get a cover. Thanks for the info!

Store open
If you are storing your kayak in your garage it may be best to store it with the cockpit uncovered. This allows aire circulation and should prevent mildew etc…

I always transport boats with cockpit covers, but when storing them inside remove covers and open hatches.

Good point wilsoj2
I should have mentioned that I don’t put cockpit covers on my boat until it’s had a good opportunity to dry out thoroughly. I also leave my hatches off if there is any moisture in them as well.

I store my boats outside so I keep covers on the cockpits to keep crawly things out. On sunny days, I’ll usually pop the covers off just to give it more airing out.



spary skirt
Great advice! My kayak is in the garage and its dry, so I will just leave it uncovered to keep the mildew out. I dont really have any pest problems, so should be OK. Thanks!

another option
NRS had a mesh cockpit cover. I’m finding it very useful this year. We are paddling so much that my boat is on the car as much or more than not. It is also usually damp from use. I now use the mesh cockpit cover when transporting the boat - unless its raining.

I’d been using a neoprene cover as my primary.

BTW, NRS has the mesh covers discounted.

You should wear it to work to start

sprayskirt left on!
Don’t leave the skirt on the boat when not in use as it will stretch the skirt out and shorten the life.

Seals has a travel cockpit cover I use that holds all my wet gear and stays on the boat due to heavy duty straps that wrap completely around the boat. I usually carry my Tracer up side down and by the time I get home most of the gear (pfd-shoes-tow belt) is completely drained and sometimes dry. Don’t try this if your travel cover doesn’t have the wrap around straps or you’ll lose gear going down the road. My Seals cover was around 79 bucks and a wise investment for us.