Spray Skirt

I have a Tsunami 140 kayak from Wilderness Systems. Looking to purchase a spray skirt and need advice.

Do I have to buy the W.S. one specific for this kayak or are there universal spray skirts? And what material should I be getting?

Any suggestions would help…

PS- I kayak on rivers and lakes…

Spray skirt
I have the tsunami 145 and the wildnerness systems spray skirt and I’m not crazy about. It’s very hard to get on, and water gets through easily. I recently rented a boat for a day and the outfitter used Snap Dragon neoprene skirts. I’m planning to get one of those in the future but till then will make do with the WS one.

Urathane is fine
if you are paddling in warm water and don’t require a watertight fit. As soon as the temperature dips, or if you want a watertight fit (e.g. for rolling), people tend to prefer a neoprene skirt. There are a number of companies that make good ones. Maybe the most popular is Snap Dragon (google snapdragondesigns). You can get it through your local outfitter, order it over the phone, or on-line. They’ll know what size you need for your boat.

more brands…
REI sells Seals, they make both a warm weather nylon, and a sea worthy neoprene. We have both, my partner likes the nylon, and I like the neoprene. Both are very waterproof, it depends how hot you get when you paddle and the breathability you need. I have been in downpour, rough seas, and the neoprene got wet, but kept me dry. That works for me…

NRS carrys a bunch of em
If you know the cockpit sizing it’s pretty easy to visually check out the offings and then ask for opinions on a specific brand.

just my .02

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