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Relatively new to kayaking. Bought a spray skirt that zips down the middle. For those of you more experienced, you may realize of course it drips right on my crotch through the zipper. Any suggestions or remedies to minimize this leak? Thanks for any assistance.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a zippering spray skirt. Can you convey a bit more about this particular skirt?

I saw an ad for that
They billed it as you can get to your stuff under the deck without removing your sprayskirt from the deck.

That was a thought I had when I saw it… would it be waterproof? I guess I know the answer now.

I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions

What brand?
If this is a Wildwasser Monterey or Big Sur they use a zipper that’s been used on dive drysuits for some time. If it’s leaking then that’s an issue to take up with the dealer and/or mfg. Either way it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Take a careful look at it when a water load is placed upon it. Create a hoop with anything that’s flexible like a fiberglass rod, etc. and use that in place of the coaming so the skirt holds it’s shape. Next stick a 5 gal. bucket through the tunnel and perhaps keep firmly in place with a piece of cord (rather not tape it there as the adhesive might stay with the neoprene). Brace the hole contraption over sawhorses or equiv. and load up the skirt with water. Look underneath to see where it’s seeping in. If it’s from the zipper then definitely send it back for replacement. If it is from on-deck pocket stitching, you can still send it back or quicker is just make note of where the seep is and when dry smear a dab of Aquaseal over the stitches that seeped.

Hope this helps.

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leaky skirt
Opps, just registered to this site the day I originally posed this question, and this is the first time I got into this area and realized I had any response. Thanks for taking the time. No reasonable answer for my situation from the others for what its worth.

Purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods for recreational kayak bought there earlier. Is a “Neo” kayak skirt. Purchased for half price (=$50) thus no major investment, and likely will get another if I find another kayak, but wondered if anyone else had this problem? Zipper appears very smooth on outer surface, and haven’t tried to treat with anything as yet, wanted others experiences before trying. When weather warms a bit and I get back in the water will likely apply something to hopefully help seal.

Thanks for any input.