spray skirt

Is this a good skirt for a Tsunami 125 on lakes and rivers?


Probably. For $50…

…probably worth the experiment. You could keep it as a spare.

What are your cockpit dimensions?
And do you have any return rights on this item if it does not fit?

Tsunami 125 cockpit
The REI website says the cockpit on the Tsunami 125 is 36 x 20 so this sprayskirt would be too small with its declared fit.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Huntsville
49.99 Nylon with suspenders and zippered net pockets fits recreational cockpits 35 to 39 inches.

As a beginner skirt it will do, but get a Tsunami specific neoprene skirt as soon as you can afford one.


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Check the nylon sprayskirts available at www.outdoorplay.com by Seals. They should have the specific one made for the 125. If you happen to catch a sale or have any discounts you should be able to get one for less than $50. I've got one of their full skirts on my Manitou and one of their half skirts for my Tsunami 165 and am pretty satisfied. I'll probably be ordering a full skirt for the 165 soon as cooler weather is approaching.



Here's a link to the skirt I referenced earlier. You'd need a size 1.7 for your 125 which it looks like they are out of right now. Bummer, as they are on sale for 50% off right now.