Spray Skirts for Fiberglass Rim?

OK I’m outfitting my surf kayak and looking into getting a skirt that fits it, do I need a special material to keep the rim from chewing up the skirt, it looks a lot sharper than my whitewater boat rim that I use an inexpensive neoprene skirt on. I was told Moutain Surf makes a skirt to fit the boat but I’m not sure if I want a bomb proof or an easy on model at this point. Also the boat is set up so my thighs ride above the rim and will be pushing on the skirt, not sure how to take that into account when ordering or if it matters.

Carefully sand the rim if it seems rough
The kind of skirt you want from Mountain Surf is their Linderbeck, a special order, made to keep you dry, but to also allow easy-on and safe easy-off.

If your thigh braces have your thighs under good control, and the skirt shock cord is sized right, you should not have problems with your knees poking into the skirt a bit. But do check your seat position and footbrace position… maybe your legs could be straighter.

Bargain shopping may help. I just found a $50 remnant Snapdragon for my '82 Noah kayak. The Snapdragon has a strong shock cord sewed to the rim of the skirt. A bit of effort to pull the skirt on over the Prijon-sized cockpit rim, but much better than the old skirt it replaced.

This is a bit of a special beast
The rim is very low and close to the floor of the boat, the seat has been raised to get your center of gravity as high as possible, this makes it possible to torque turns really hard when putting the boat up on its edge and engaging the rails. Legs almost just barely can squeeze in.

A “Lovely” Beast For…

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cranking those bottom turns and cutbacks. :)

Call up Mountain Surf for size and get one. I have the original Duro ring model and it is PITA to get on. In fact, I haven' been able to use it since the weather turned cold because I can't get a good grip on it to get it on. Getting it off is easier with intentional yank forward and pull back. They now have the EZ model too which is reportedly a little easier to get on. Both use a round rubber rand on the inside of the rim to really hold on to the cockpit coaming.

Snapdragon also has an (?)aramid lined white water skirt model that is far easier to get on and off. The inside edge has a shock cord rand.

However, I strongly advise the Mountainsurf because you are sitting high (nice) and can get sucked out of that boat much easier. The Mountainsurf is harder to get on but provide additional insurance against a suck out.

At some point, if and when, you trust your roll, you'll want to install the seatbelt. That will allow you to really lean out and leverage a sharp turn without popping the skirt. I glassed on a small PVC tube on either side of the seat to run a thick plastic electical tie through. With the tie cinched, I then looped the seat belt through it. Overlapping seat belt straps with velcro closure with a dangling ball attached to the top strap works well. If you have to bail, it's not hard to locate the ball even with gloves on, after you yank back the skirt (it's an added step and you have to practice/condition yourself to an added step). With the seat belt, I can use the Snapdragon which is a breeze to get on, even with gloves. In situations which would have sucked me out previously, the seat belt has kept me in the boat. The skirt won't implode on a dumping wave either since your thighs are right under the skirt.

Good luck on that sweet ride. BTW, does it come with the Fins Unlimited fin boxes? Fins are expensive ($25-30 a pop) so I've been making extra sets (snapped a couple off already) with luan and FG/epoxy. Took awhile but I have the shape down for the side thrusters. I gonna try with balsa wood, as Pat suggested, since these are easier to shape.


Sharp thin coaming edge?
If so, consider getting some plastic auto door guard edging. The thinnest cheapest stuff the auto parts store has works well.

Protects the skirt and your hands - and makes it easier to get the skirt on and off without changing how secure it is (may even improve that - and the seal).

Not too worried about suck out
it’s going to take a pretty big wave to blow me out of this boat, I need a shoe horn to get into it, I come with my own extra outfitting compared to John B. My 13 yo son actually got interested in this boat last night, and was checking it out. I’m not sure my story to my wife about Sage got him very stoked for trying more yaksurfing. He has surfed in the Frenzy and enjoyed it but seemed to come down with Post-traumatic-surf syndrome —he likes to boogey board.

I can’t figure out how to move the footpegs though, they are extended all the way and I can’t reach in to release them, I tried making a crude extended clamp last night and it did not work… I’m going to have to pay MakoMike a visit to see how he does it. At least he won’t be complaining about whoever designed my boat :>. I also need to smooth down a huge raised area in front of the seat, nothing like in my whitewater boat and I’m not sure how JB could stand trying to sit in it.

don’t think so
The Dur-O-Ring is a great skirt, but it’s not intended for glass boats.

Mt. Surf says:

“The Lindberdeck was designed for a dry, secure and removeable fit on the cockpit rims of composite (glass) boats.”

My Duro Ring is for the Boogie. Linder-what-ever it is should be ordered. I would count on Mountainsurf for a bomb proof skirt.


Foot Pegs…
Get rid of them and put in a full minicell bulkhead more comfortable and, more important, more sure footing. Nothing to shoot pass by accident in a pitchpole.