Spray skirts from QCC

both my wife and I are in the market for new skirts, and since we both have QCC’s we are thinking of getting theirs, in the hopes that there is some kind of snug fit to the coaming.

Has any one else got them, and if so I would like to hear your comments, both good and bad.

We want something that won’t sag and let water puddle in it.

Thanks in advance,



Don’t get a nylon coated skirt
if ya can’t empty the water off it soon enough in a rain; I have my yak up all the time and frequently have to empty it from pooling water-I’ll be going through alot of covers likely! Don’t know about neoprene.

Comes with suspenders to keep a good drainage angle on the skirt. Nice color, mango. I don’t use the suspenders, too much trouble, so the water pools up. But, no inleakage. Great quality to go with the higher price.

They sell snapdragon
(or they used to)and you can certainly get a neoprene deck nylon tube with suspenders which will serve you well

IN General the qcc coaming is easy to fit unlike the explorer.

Neoprene to prevent pooling…
Nylon for comfort and easy access to cockpit. If I plan on paddling in rough water or heavy rain, I always choose my neoprene. In fair weather I used to wear a coated nylon skirt, but I recently purchased an Immersion Research skirt which uses a .5mm neoprene deck, a breathable sympatex tunnel, and ultra-comfy adjustable neoprene band. Do a Google search for Mountain Surf spray skirts, they have an excellent fit guide on their website. The only thing to consider when buying a neoprene skirt is that many of them are made for whitewater boats and use a heavy rubber rand that seals in the cockpit coaming, often times this rubber rand will not fit composite boats due to the limited distance between coaming and deck. I recommend using a bungee-style rand instead of the rubber “wedge” style. Happy shopping, let us know what you choose.


I just upgraded
QCC does sell Snap Dragon - and for good reason. The Snap Dragon neoprene deck fits the QCC coaming like a glove. (deck size is M in neo, no matter what the fit list says, S is for nylon deck - Phil will confirm).

I originally got the neo deck and nylon tunnel with suspenders. Was very good, but Jack - you’d swim in the one size fits all nylon tube with draw string - it can handle a 50" chest (Was fine for me at 46").

Sea Trek Supratex/Nylon Pic:


I just got a new skirt with the same deck - breathable tube - and adjustable “Dragon collar” - no suspenders. Very comfortable. Nice to be able to specify a tube size for better fit and less extra material too

Glacier Trek Breathable Supratex/Sympatex


The Neo decks on these are very secure (the tough band that goes around the edge is not shown). No where to pool water (except maybe if tube sags down below deck).

Highly recommended. BTW: Snap Dragon guy was great on the phone too. They’ll help track down the size you need at dealers (based on what they’ve shipped out) if you can’t find it.

Tip: Add auto door edge protector trim strips around the coaming (smallest cheapest kind is all but invisible on) and skirt is even easier to get on and off - even though you’ve made the rim a little bigger. Smooth!)