Spray skirts, recommendations

A year and a half ago I was thinking of getting an inexpensive nylon skirt for summer lakes and flat rivers, and a Snapdragon Ocean Trek EZ for the bay and light ocean surf. On summer clear days, I tend to paddle in the late afternoon or evening to stay cool and minimize ray exposure, so also thinking of just getting the one SD EZ skirt, as it seals great and goes on easy.

I don’t see the SD EZ around so much now. It’s at http://www.nwoc.com for $90 plus shipping. No longer at Rutabaga though, for example.

I’m wondering if people are now tending to go with the neoprene deck and breathable nylon or Sympatex tunnel as a one skirt does all, or in any event as a better alternative than all neo for ocean. Is the all neo on it’s way out?

Can you recommend makes and models for the above stated paddling conditions?


Paul S.

Seals Tropical Tour
I’ve switched from Neoprene to the Seals Tropical Tour and am VERY happy with it. It seals well and breaths. The quality is outstanding. The WS neo deck and nylon tunnel skirt I was using was intended to be my primary heavy weather skirt, but the Seals Tropical skirt works so well, I don’t even bring the neo skirt on week long trips any more.


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I just bought an all neo skirt at Rutabaga a couple of weeks ago. There's a bunch of different size combinations (waist tube size plus deck size) so maybe they're out of the one you need. Another dealer told me Snapdragon stuff can take a long time to get during the summer especially, but I really like their products.

I really prefer all neo (or the Supratex I think it was) that I got over nylon. Breatheable doesn't mean much to me because it's rare that I'm not in a wetsuit anyway - plus there's a PFD over the top of it all. I hate shoulder straps on skirts too.

Spray Skirt
I can recommend the Reed Chillcheater spray deck for its light weight, great fit and breathability. Available at a dealer near you or online at www.secondwindsports.net/products

The decks only work on composite boats and I should mention I am the distributor.


Just don’t try
to roll with it :slight_smile:

giving up on nylon spray skirts
I’ve currently got 3 spray skirts; 2 nylon lightweight ones and a bungeed neoprene skirt.

Voyageur Basic Nylon with velcro waist - adequate for light spray on hot day on the lake, but definitely not up to any heavy spray or surf, or cold water.

Seals Adventurer nylon – What a piece of crap! The “implosion bar” or deck stay, just guarantees that water pools in your lap. Water will permeate this skirt after awhile, and it’s flimsy enough that it will come off rather easily. NOT recommended, even as a sunscreen.

Mountain Surf LK200 neoprene skirt with bungee - This is a great skirt! It’s hotter, but it stays on, and is waterproof. It’s got an auxilary grab web that runs right across the thigh area on top, so it’s easy to get off in a hurry if you have to. Or sometimes I put my waterbottle under that aux strap for easy access. But, the real point of this skirt is that it’s a serious enough skirt to roll in, if necessary, and big surf or waves don’t pop it off.

I really thought I’d be using the nylon skirts more in hot weather, but when I want a skirt, I’d just about rather grab the Mtn Surf neoprene one, because with it, I’m prepared for the unexpected, (like that extra large boat wake, or sudden rain shower). Whereas, with the nylon jobbies, they’re really only hot sunscreens, and I’d just about rather have no skirt, so I don’t think I’m more protected than I am. When I get hot in the neoprene one, I either go swimming, (on purpose), or do a 1/2 roll off the bow of somebody else’s boat.

A friend has one of those 1/2 skirts that’s little more than a sunshade for your thighs. My thoughts on it are similar to the above, in that it really isn’t a proper skirt, and doesn’t keep water out, so what’s the point?

I am happy with…
my Snapdragon neo/breathable tunnel skirt. While I admit that the breathable is questionable, under a pfd and with either a dry suit or Hydroskin around my torso, it is still dry and bombproof. Some of the features I like are the sewn on elastic, the aux release strap across the thighs and the adjustable velcro closure at the top of the tunnel. It is very dry and will be more so when my new Meridian drysuit with tunnel cover arrives. I have, but no longer use 2 other nylon or fabric skirts… they are now only used on my buddie boats when I take out newbies…

Thanks all
I decided to go with the all neo Snapdragon Trek EZ. Main reason is I’ve used it before on the T180. I know it fits well and works well. If it ends up too hot in some conditions then I might look for a tropical or any of the other good suggestions here.

Thanks again,

Paul S.

SnapDragon Glacier (breathable)

For the last several years I’ve been using Snapdragon skirts. I like the way they fit, feel, durability and BREATH. It’s the only skirt I use.

I’ve been using the one from my Romany HV and it was always tight on the T180. Today was my first paddle with a new skirt. I changed the size to L/L and it fits the T180 much better than the L/M I was using before.

I’ve heard wonderful things about Chillcheater skirts. I use chillcheater products and like it. That might be another good alternative.