spray skirts?

I’m currently using a Snapdragon Glacier EZ (supratex with a nylon tunnel) on my eddyline falcon 16. For the most part I’m very happy with it- comfortable, easy to put on/remove. However, if I spend any time rolling or even just sculling, I wind up a whole lot wetter than I think I should (lower back mostly).Using a double-skirted drytop helps, but not alot. Question: Is the all neoprene(supratex) version of the same skirt the way to go, or do I want the much tighter neoprene expedition skirt. Any opinions?

SnapDragon Supratex
is a good buy. I have couple and like them. For rolling, you’ll get some seepage but not heck of a lot, less than nylon. A double tunnel drytop/drysuit goes a long way in helping to minimize seepage through the tunnel.


Yes to all neoprene, yes to
Snapdragon. I’m sure brooks, wildwasser, NRS, etc etc are all decent as well. If you rolling sculling or in big water it’s all neo all the way.