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Does anyone know where I can find a spray skirt for the Calypso kayak (made by Perception for LL Bean). It’s only sold at LLBean and they do not carry one and the Perception website didn’t even show the Calypso.

The cockpit is 35 1/2 X 18 1/2. A salesperson at the store told me I need the Extrasport 3.7, which, again, they do not carry and I have not even seen on any internet website. Thanks.

Standard stuff
Lots of options from many manufacturers. Go to www.nrsweb.com and search “Basic Nylon Spray Skirt”. They have a nice little graphic on how to size based on your dimensions. Each manufacturer will be a little different.

You will have to decide nylon or neoprene with prices going from low to high. Honestly, if I were near a local paddle shop I’d take my dimensions and boat details (maybe even the boat) and go check out options. Highly likely any good sea kayak house will have something you can try.

Many manufacturers consider that cockpit opening size to be a “Large.”

The L.L. Bean Calypso
takes a standard Seals 1.7 skirt according to their website. These are widely available and one of the most common sizes.


Seals web site or EMS.com

Go to seals web site for info.

Also try EMS if they are in your area. They carry seal nylon skirts, and will order any kind you want even if they don’t stock it. I wanted a sneak (nylon with zipper front) that they don’t stock and they got it for me within a week.

35.5 is a “large”? Kinda medium.

www.Bughead.net can make a custom skirt (akuilisaq) for you. Yours would be a size 85, after doing the math. I have a tuilik and a skirt from bughead and I am happy with those products.

(To find CIRCUMFERENCE, add Length and Width, then divide that sum by 2. Multiply resulting number by 3.14 (pi) for circumference)

re: sprayskirt for an Avocet LV
Thanks everyone for your help.

I went with a Snapdragon sprayskirt as our local retailer was carrying them. It seems a bit tough to get on and off with a wet exit. Tough in that I have to yank with both hands thus losing my paddle. (Not so good.) Currently I have left it on the cockpit to stretch out a bit. Hopefully that will do the job. If that doesn’t help, I will definitely follow through with everyone’s very helpful advice.


Tight on Wet Exit
Were you really “wet” when you were releasing the sprayskirt, or were you practicing the release dry? The reason I’m asking, is that they release much easier when wet than when dry. Also, easier to put on the coaming when wet first. Forgive me if you already knew this, but some don’t.