spray skirts

I am searching for a spray skirt for my Current Designs Vision. It will be for moderate conditions. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Seals Coastal Spray Skirt and their Tropical Spray Skirt? The Seals website gives almost an identical description of each but the Tropical is priced higher on most every site I have visited. Most websites use the description from the Seals site. I must be missing something in the descriptions.

fabric difference
The Coastal is made of coated nylon (not breathable so you will sweat inside it). The Tropical is made of a breathable gore-tex like fabric. That’s the only difference in style and accounts for the price differential (coated nylon is about $6 a yard and breathable membrane fabrics run about $30 a yard).

Spray skirts
Thank you for the info Willowleaf, it is much apprecieated!