Does anyone know where I can get a neoprene spraydeck to fit an ocean cockpit. I have a couple of Valley boats (Skerray and Pintail).

The cockpits are about 22" Long, 18" Wide.
Thanks for any help

With Snapdragon out of the picture, Seals is probably your best bet (assuming you are in the US). If they don’t have a pattern for your boats it’s very simple to make a template. You do need to place the order through a shop as they don’t do direct sales.

I just had some skirts modified by them and they are about 6-8 weeks out on all neoprene orders due to high demand.

Thanks. Helpful. I am contacting Seals to see who I can buy through and what the deal is.

Reed is another op;tion:


Thanks John. Brooks look really promising. I will report back when I have the skirts. Appreciate the advice from all!