I can’t leave things alone and am always trying to improve design, I want to mount a sprayrail on a plastic yak to deflect water but all the rails I’ve seen offered commercially weigh a ton, any ideas?or lighter rails out there?


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switching to as boat that doesn't throw so much spray? *L*.

I'm not a big fan of strap on anythings *L*!

Seriously - you really have a big spray issue? What kind of boat? What sort of conditions?

Have fun experimenting
but for what it’s worth a kayaker enjoys a wet sport. I can’t see spray rails accomplishing much on a slow boat that carries it’s occupant so low in the water. If you were modifying a sail boat for a dry ride I might have an idea or two to share.

Good luck though and have fun.

splash rails
Sunfish sailboats use a fiberglass piece with a flattened “S” cross-section.

It never hurts to go to a Home Depot-type place and just look at any flat stuff that might work: vinyl siding trim, aluminum extrusions, garden edging, etc. A marine supply catalog might have moldings or trim pieces that would work.

Here’s what one of our members did
Pretty ingenious, I thought. He used pieces of vinyl house siding:


If you’re kayaking in the ocean,
rails are not going to prevent you from getting wet. Waves will break on top of and around you. Rolling cannot be done dry either. I can’t seem to launch without getting punched in the chest by a breaking wave or land without being in a bunch of swirling whitewater while leaning into the wave.

If you’re paddling on flatwater, what is there that would cause you to need spray rails?

Seems to me that they would seriously interfere with the performance of your boat. How can you edge the boat to turn or brace?

have drier boats
but love this old Islander Ventura, which in any chop throws spray off the 2cnd ft back…it’s my experiment on boat ,installing hatches and drilling holes has become too much fun, anything I wouldn’t dare do to my necky dolphin I’ll try on this one…

it’s a sot
any chop or waves over 6" tosses water in my lap,which is a little annoying.I won’t be doing any rolling or serious stuff, strictly rec paddling,I just noticed the spray comes up from the exact same spot always and thought I might be able to channel it away.