Sprayskirt Bungie repair

I have a greenland style akuilisaq which I very much enjoy using instead of sprayskirt, but recently the bungie pulled out on the left side of the webbing that forms the grabloop. The loop is still intact, but the threads that held the bungie have failed, and the bungie’s end is frayed and exposed (the right side of the webbing loop is still holding the bungie in the grabloop). I guess my options are either to open up the grab loop, reinsert the bungie, and sew it back up, or to also find a wider loop material to increase the chances that any repair will hold. Have any of you done a repair of this sort, and if so, do you have any advise as to how to proceed?

Might be able to repair
We, likely, could get this fixed for you as we make spraydecks all the time via different methods. If you want to do it yourself you might try superglue and shrinkwrap to rejoin the ends of the bunjie. You probably would want to sew w/ an Awl but that seems alot of work. perhaps a cord to bridge the bunjie, then a wrap around the bunjie the lenght of the cord (maybe 3 inches) to keep move tension across the bridge of the cord.

Lots depends on what is really going on (which I am not completely clear about) Super Glue, the Grabhandle and an Awl might tie it all together (skip the cord). You jist need a functional bond from one end of the bunjie to the other.

hope this helps,

Landis (at Wildwasser)

Sounds like I would be better off sending this in for repair. Thanks for the detailed response.

My million dollar bet is that it’s…
…a Bughead, right ???

It doesn’t sound like a Brooks
Mine don’t have any webbing loops on them.

I guessed Bughead…
…because it came apart…as did a whole lot of their products…after they went out of biz and stuck people with crap product and no warranty.

You Guessed Right!
It’s a Bughead. Didn’t last a year without the bungie falling apart, and some thread coming loose in other places. The design was nice, but the workmanship poor.