Sprayskirt for Capella 166 RM

-- Last Updated: Aug-19-09 2:51 PM EST --

Ended up buying the Capella 166 RM I was asking for input on last week. Thanks to everyone who shared. I have been using Reed sprayskirts, but they do not stay on poly coamings well. I need to order a skirt for the Capella and am looking for suggestions:

All neo
Bombproof paddling in surf
I am intriqued by the idea of a pocket for some basic gear not carried in my pfd, but not at the expense of other criteria.

Thanks for ideas.

seals 1.7
I use Seals pro shocker 1.7. Works great.

Take a look at the level six stuff if you’re in canada, or even if you’re not. I also liked the look of some of the NRS skirts and have heard nothing but good things about snapdragon, but the level six was available locally, so i could try it on first. I’ve got the neo expidition skirt, and man does it grip the rim good. I paddle a necky chatham 17, the cockpit is 33.5" x 17.75" for reference.

I use a Snapdragon
with a LARGE deck. Although their size charts say to use a medium deck, no amount of stretching will get it on the combing.

I also use a Wildwasser with a large keyhole deck.