Sprayskirt for Dagger Approach 9?

Recently bought an Approach 9 for my son. I’m looking for advice on which spray skirt fits this kayak. Most skirt manufacturers don’t even mention it. We have 2 Approach 10s with the specially made skirt but they don’t fit the 9 properly, a bit too big.

Anyone have some success in fitting this particular kayak with a proper whitewater skirt?


I had an Approach 10
Brooks made a skirt to fit it.

Check with reputable skirt firms such
as Immersion Research and Snapdragon. Also, talk to dealers such as Nantahala Outdoor Center who have sold the Approach.

Mountain Surf
Mountain Surf basic neoprene, EWK size should fit.

it’s a well made skirt… search for it on EBay, you can get it for $60 shipped from ARC