Sprayskirt for Explorer LV

I just received the new LV and my current sprayskirt (Snapdragon) is too large. To get another Snapdragon I’ll need to custom order for the LV. Is there an ‘off the shelf’ spray skirt that fits this model?



Search Snapdragon

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Go to fit list, it's there.....

Did you mean Custom order or special order?

I did
and their website says you need to custom order a skirt for the LV. I really like their skirts but was wondering if there was a pre-made skirt that I could just get instead of waiting for a custom order. Making my own is not an option.



Worth the wait
I’ve just always thrown on a neo with an adjustable bungie, (obtained from my local outfitter dealer who is selling me the snapdragon). (I get a pay the dealer, get a P.O. from them and send snapdragons the tracings etc.

If I was actualy buying the boat from a dealer and they had som rental skirts around, they would be even more glad to would throw me some help.

cockpit size

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If anyone else is trying to help out, the cockpit size is 28" x 14.25" according to what I could find on the web.

It looks like Brooks and Mountain Surf both make a stock sprayskirt that will fit.

Mountain Surf source

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It looks like the New York Kayak Center carries the Mountain Surf skirt for your boat. That would be the Lindberdeck in size STD-100 or #10 (per the Mountain Surf fit guide).

website: http://www.nykayak.com/store/ezwebstore.cgi

I paddled down there yesterday
and tried it on the kayak, but it didn’t fit well.

I just ordered the Brooks skirt from Terry at HVO.

Thanks for all the help!!


I believe my wife is very pleased with her Snapdragon sprayskirt on her Explorer LV.

Just curious
what size. Did she get it custom sized or just buy a small deck?

My LV Skirt by Snapdragon

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Wife here - I talked to Rick (or Rich?) at SnapDragon and they said no problem, just specify the tunnel size and we know what to do for the deck. So I called Portland River something-or-other - outfitters? - and repeated the same info to actually place the order. I've gone thru them twice now by the way, and they've been responsive and fast. I would guess that they enjoy a very good relationship with the Snapdragon folks.

I ordered a Glacier with a medium tunnel and a deck sized for an Explorer LV. (I am right on the cusp between small and medium and wanted to make sure I could accomodate heavy layers under a drysuit for cold weather.) The skirt is marked XS (as in extra small) on the deck. I didn't get the impression it was particularly custom for them to handle the deck size, just maybe one that they don't bother to keep it in stock.

I did have to add plastic tubing to the grab loop myself - usual with Snapdragon skirts. But the skirt has been great.

Thanks, I knew you’d share
but didn’t know you and wilsoj were married. I always enjoy both of your posts.

I ordered a Brooks, and hope I’ll be as happy as it as I have been with my Snapdragon. Wish I’d read your post a day earlier, but it’s good to try new stuff sometimes.

Is the plastic loop a safety feature for cold weather paddling? It never occurred to me to add one.


Plastic Tubing on Grab Loop
Or a wiffle ball - it’s not about the water conditions. It’s because a neoprene deck skirt that fits properly is less/unlikely to come off without pulling the grab loop forward to free it from the coaming. You can’t count on just kneeing it off and popping out like with a nylon skirt. And in conditions, or with gloves, there is a pretty good chance that you won’t be able to feel just a black hanging strap without there being something stiff on it that keeps it open and is easy to get by feel. Don’t count on being able to see it either, even if you can normally see well under water. It can get dark and brown down there.

The first and best stop is to add plastic tubing and/or a wiffle ball to get something that’s easy to find in all conditions.

Some paddlers can grab material at the side of the skirt in their hands to pull it off, and I think now SnapDragon and Kokatat in the past have had skirts equipped with extra straps that’ll pull the skirt off the sides of the coaming if you press up on it with your knees, but all of these have some risk of a flaw in execution. For example, even the thing of pulling a skirt off at the sides is pretty compormised when you have a skinny little cockpit like in the LV. There just isn’t a big handful of skirt to grab by your hips.

Hope this helps.