Sprayskirt for Prijon Capri Tour

Those that own this boat, what sprayskirt do you use? Any information or buying tips will be helpful. Thanks.

Do not own, try:


Cockpit size
You have a 36" x 18" cockpit. You need “super keyhole size” Wildwasser Pocket System. http://tinyurl.com/yznvfw

Can’t go wrong with the skirt made for Prijon.

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PNet's own Prijon cult leader, CoolDoc! Don't be taken by any other Prijon cultist wannabe. :)

Just kidding. Any of the major skirt brands, snapdragon, Seals, Brooks, etc. will likely work. They're have measurement charts for diffferent Brand and boat models on on their sites. There's nothing different about Prijon cockpits that would make it a specialty item. Neoprene is always a tighter, more bombproof and watertight fit. For hotter temperatures and minimal rolling, a looser nylon skirt may suffice. But nylon and nylon/neo combo skirts are notorious for not sealing well.


I use
a Mountain Surf XLK-275(Xtra Large Keyhole). Pretty tight fit, though. Seals 1.7 'll fit too. Am I right Cooldoctor?..or is my slip showing?

Wow, a Prijon Capri.

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I owned two, original poster, a green and a yellow, and I sold then on eBay this past summer, and I have missed them ever since. i really ish i kept one. 42 lbs, 12 feet, great for all situations, including creeking, which my fellow central Illinoisians seem into at the moment. I am left lugging my 54 lb Calabria over the logjams. no fun.

DJC and sing and swordfish (another Prijon maven) have it right. I also agree with the forget the nylon and go for the neo

I agree with the link of swordfish above... I too have that Wildwasser sprayskirt for my Valle Avocet. I do not know what size in it you;d take on the Capri.

My other 3 skirts are:
Snapdragon Glacier Trek, recommended first by Chuck_IL. For Capri, XL deck with whatever size waist you like. (see fit list from Suram above)

This Glacier Trek is what I use for my Kodiaks and my Calabria...

Sort of pricey, but the best sprayskirt money can buy.

If this is your size waist, paddlelite, you're in luck--not sure about fit though as it is not a Glacier Trek by Snapdragon:

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have gone on one 5 day trip to the Current River in the boat and liked it.

Great boat
Next, upgrade to Yukon or Kodiak. Then get rid of them and get a tandem. Join the cult.

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