SpraySkirt repair

Problem - seam between tunnel and the deck is coming apart. The tunnel is still attached - seam tape is doing its job.

The seam was, I think, glued together.

One option is to use AquaSeal. Unfortunately, that creates a rather inflexible joint.

Other - rubber cement both together, probably apply seam tape over both to make a stronger connection.

Any ideas?

Seal cement
I have had pretty good luck using Seal Cement, also made by McNett, the manufacturer of AquaSeal: http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=2286.4&utm_campaign=shop_comp&utm_source=google&utm_medium=buy_now&utm_term=goog_product_2286.4

Seal cement works better for neoprene. Worth a try.

Seal Cement for Neoprene is like
Vynabond for vinyl. It prepares the surface of the Neoprene so that it welds to itself in creating the seam.

Aquaseal sticks to Neoprene but does not dissolve it. So to create a seam, Aquaseal has to form a layer, and even though Aquaseal is flexible after hardening, it is not going to match the stretch/contract characteristics of Neoprene.

Aquaseal is great for filling small holes in Neoprene. Otherwise…

Local dive shop stopped carrying aquasealfor a varitey of reasons and recommends common shoe-goo found in most repair shops. I’ve used it on a couple of neoprene skirt repairs. Not the most flexible, but it is pliable and all repairs have held up well.

Did the shop expound on any of those reasons?

I have had Shoe Goo stiffen up quite
a bit after I applied it. I will continue to rely on Aquaseal and Seamgrip.

It does sound like the way to go!

Does anyone know of Seal Cement sources? - All I find are 2oz and 4oz containers - most of that is going to go bad

Here is the MSDS for the curious http://hazard.com/msds/f2/bst/bstnv.html