Sprayskirt suggestions pls

I need to find a touring sprayskirt for my daughter for her Perception Umiak. Have been unable to find anything that’s just the right size range. Anyone have any experience with this kayak and/or have any suggestions?

The Seals company sizing chart shows that they custom make skirts for this kayak. A couple of my paddling friends have gotten custom skirts from Seals for other models and are very happy with them. And they are made in the good old US - upstate NY actually!


Tracing to Seals
Or you can do the same with Snapdragon - send them a tracing of the cockpit and her waist size and they’ll make one up. It’s probably best to call them first though, to confirm what options you want like material for deck and tunnel and the relative ease of release of each of their options.

Thanks for the
suggestions all of you!