sprayskirt tunnel issue

Have lost some weight and am in thin summer gear now.So now the tube/tunnel on my snapdragon is to big. It is already size small and is neoprene.Is there a way I can sew smaller and reseal the seam? What would I use to reseal?


Buy another

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Many people own several sizes and types. You might have a neoprene large for winter and a nylon medium for summer. They make XS and XXS. Some designs are velcro.


Another possibility
Save the skirt as is for use in winter dress, but buy some neoprene fabric, size as desired, and have an outdoor-gear seamstress make you a “top band” that goes over the top half of the skirt. You could have her put in a Velcro flap to allow adjustment of tightness.

I have not found sprayskirt tubes to be 100% watertight around the opening anyway, so this should be good enough of a seal.

They will have sewing & repair information fo neoprene “fabics”, including appropriate threads, needles, glues, and seaming and stitching techniques.

But I’d tend to agree with prior posters, and go eith a smaller one for summer, or to make an adspter band a littles less expnsively.

Cross sport adaptability and cross-fertilization can, sometimes, be the rick you need to moreceaily -and more “fittingly”,


-Frank in Miami

You can cut vertical slices down the
front of the tunnel, and remove a long, thin wedge of neoprene. Then you can use standard neoprene cement to seam the cut closed. Sewing is not necessary if you can do a careful job.

Note that you need not extend the cut all the way down the tunnel, only as far as needed to tighten it a bit.

But consider this. First, all neoprene shrinks with age, due to loss of nitrogen from the bubbles. Second, a tight tunnel inhibits torso rotation. Third, a summer paddle jacket or drytop will prevent water entry without your having to rely on a tight tunnel for sealing.

I now select all of my sprayskirts with somewhat loose tunnels. Even if I do roll, little water enters. And as I mentioned, I can wear a paddle jacket or drytop if I anticipate having to roll often.

tried a smaller one in chillcheaters
It wasn’t what I had hoped for. That was going to be my summer deck.

So unless I fix this one ,than it looks like I am in the market for yet another new one. Thanks.

I guess you could try rolling the top edge down to double up the neoprene. That might help. You could also try a velcro strap over it.

tried that
didn’t work. think i might just make smaller.