Never too early to start making plans, especially when you have one party who makes a 5K mile trek to get here, like Brad does! BTW, he made it safely through the Yukon before the weather got too bad and is safely ensconced at home in Alaska.

I propose we head back to the North Fork and Bryant Creek, weather permitting? Dates? As I’ve had some health issues and missed a few Spring Rendezvous’, I forgot which week we usually schedule it?

For those who have never been, it’s a good time to meet some experienced fellow paddlers and have a good time on the river. Here’s a few pics from past Spring Rendezvous’ and the North Fork/Bryant Creek Rivers:

The date has been the first weekend in May, and whatever portion of the preceding week people choose to arrive. The first weekend in May 2018 will be May 5-6.

The North Fork of the White would be fine with me and if water levels are sufficient, the location allows pretty easy access to the upper Jack’s Fork, which is one of my favorites in the ONSR. I assume we would stay at Twin Bridges as before?

Thanks, Pete! I figured Twin Rivers also since we’ve stayed there previously?

The North Fork would be fine with me also. But if someone wanted to tack on a short trip to the Buffalo either immediately before or after the Rendezvous you can probably convince to go along :slight_smile: