spring cleaning caution

My wife decided to surprise me by cleaning up and polishing the kayaks (poly boats). She made them look like brand new with multiple coats of spray 303 on every surface of the boats (other than the seats). Thinking nothing about it we loaded the boats and went out for a practice rescue session, holy crap.

Feet sliding off of footpegs, self rescues like riding a greased pig. 303 is pretty tough to get off of things you want to remove it from.

I did not say a negative word to her, to this day my wetsuits and pfds are clean enough to leave in a hot car and not a hint of river funk.

Bless her heart for wanting to do good.
You also are commended for not berating her for her thoughtfulness. Lesson learned by both of you.

You are one nice husband!

One more thing to avoid
303 is terrific to keep vehicle dashboards from drying out and cracking.

Don’t put it on the steering wheel or shifter knob, though!

It does come off fairly easily with a wet rag and light rub, just in case…

Also makes it hard to load kayaks on car
Be careful not to drop it. Also can make hatch covers that you previously had to pry off come off too easily.

That stuff is expensive. I use it sparingly.

303 / armor-all
…people seem to either love or hate the stuff in car interiors. I hate it when the dealer greases up the entire interior and it takes about 30 seconds to stop sliding around and settle into the seat.

Now rain - x, the person who created that stuff is a God(dess) among men.