Spring Creek Yoke/Middle Seat

Have you used one of these - “patented” Spring Creek Yoke/Middle Seat? Any thoughts or opinions? Good balance? Do they get in the way? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I have one , i think as a yolk it works well , better than a standard yolk because you can balance your canoe by moving it backward or foward on your shoulders to compensate for gear you may have lashed in the canoe. in the yolk posisition you can easily slide just about any pack under it . when used as a seat i like to put a life jacket on it makes it more comfortable and i dont feel the crossbars that way.

its very practical , i paddle with the owner of spring creek and his wife and thats all they use.

i think my longest portage with mine is about 1.5 miles and have fished from it as a seat for may hours , also gone on three man in one canoe trips .works great !

happy paddlin'


Spring Creek yoke
I have one and love it! Two paddling partners also have them, and feel the same way. We’ve tried all sorts of different portaging stuff, and these are the best. I also like the fact that it is removeable for packing the canoe, and when installed in the portaging position, more stuff can go under it.

Youngin’s who’ve sat on it have not complained, but we’ve never had an adult ride on it for any length of time.

I have no affiliation with this company other than as a happy customer. I’ve endorsed this product to several other paddlers, and will continue to do so.

BTW, we have these on a 16’ O.T. Penobscot, and a We No Nah 17’ Spirit 2 and 18-1/2’ kevlar.