Spring Hill, Fla.

I,m going to be in Spring Hill ,Fla. for about a week. Spring Hill is about 45 min. above Tampa. Does anyone know of a good place to canoe/fish in that area? I would hate to miss an opportunity to paddle new waters. Thanks

Here is one.
If I remember correctly from my childhood the water is too clear for fishing so they can see what the game is from miles away. I think the paddling was excellent. Bring sunblock and bug spray.


They Just
Raised the launch fees I heard at Weeki Wachee. Looks like they raised all kinds of prices.

There are plenty of good places
Try the Chassahowitka River or the Weeki Wachee River. Both are awesome places.

If you have your own boat and want some specific trips complete with descripions, directions, and put-ins, e-mail me and I’ll send you some.



Don’t launch at the attraction
Launch at Rogers Park down river and then paddle up to the attraction and back.

If you catch the tide right, you can work it both ways.

The launch fee is two dollars.

The down river paddle to the Gulf is a good one too.

Manatees in the Weeki Wachee River.

I came close to swimming with them when one surfaced under my kayak.

The launch fee is two dollars.



Jack L

I live in Spring Hill
and can help you with information or finding places. I also have a canoe for sale if you are in the market while you are here…see classifieds. My husband has fished in the Mud River which is off the Weeki Wachee…also, just up the road are great paddling places at Homassassa and Crystal River…gorgeous springs…glad to be of service…this is a great place to spend time.

Thanks for all the info. I’m sure I’ll
find a great place from all of your replys.

Paddlin w/ tha T’s
Jack L, et al ;

Paddling with manatees is just something special. It’s hard to put into words and needs to be experienced personally. My first experience was this Jan. with a mother and calf. There was about 6 or 7 canoes in our group and the youngster came to each canoe in turn, looked the paddler straight in the eye, as if to say is everything OK, then proceeded to examine each hull and paddle with great interest. Every now and then mom would surface to make sure all was alright. We spent about 45 minutes in an isolated area, just us and the T’s. I’ll never forget that event and that day.


You mean like this little one !

It came to me for some patting and scratching, and even rolled over on it’s belly for some patting there too.

After it tired of me, it went to the bow of the canoe and said hello to my wife.

It’s one of the thousands of wonderful memories that this great paddling pass time has treated us to.



Yep, just like that. Thanks for the pics.

We scratched its head and all. He was a lot like a puppy.

I just occured to me that Florida has more than one Spring Hill sO I started looking and found five or Six of them! Which Spring Hill are you going to?