Spring in New England?

Sure feels like it - at least in southern New England. Temp’s in the 50’s and lots of rain. It’s a paddler’s dream. I got out last Sunday to paddle a new section of the Quinebaug River in nearby CT (Fabyan to West Thompson). Only 6 miles, but a nice mix of flatwater and quickwater with pretty scenery and enough obstacles to keep things interesting.

Earl (Erik in the bow)

Good time - few more pictures here:

While the Saco River in Maine is partly open the six feet of snowbanks are an impediment to launch. Winter is a different critter here just 150 miles or so away.

Tomorrows gift is another foot or so. Moral what you see in your back yard in Mass or CT is not true in Northern New England
Skiing is fabulous Snowpack above average

Snow - what is that. We really haven’t had any yet.

Glad they are getting snow up north, but I am not a skier, so I’ll take the rain. More coming tomorrow when you get snow.

As I sit here it is pouring rain outside. It is going to be anther good weekend to paddle, but I will probably be sorry in late March and April when water from the snow-melt bank is dry. I’ll have to drive north.

back to winter again in wv, just wait a day or two, it will be a different season but nobody knows what it will be

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That’s true - couple of year’s ago we had 3 big snow storms in March - you never know. Glad to see the boat on the car in that picture!