Spring is :"heavy" in the air

If they have pups, I ain’t keepin them. They’d be to heavy for me.

Spray 'em with the hose.

The offspring should include a square sterned , wide bottom canoe.
A Johncan.

Johnoe is the breeds registered name!

The trees are going at it here, and love (pollen) is in the air.

When They’ve Got Ya Both Over a Barrel…Enjoy
(NOTE - Not suitable for non-young-at-heart readers)

“Spray 'em with a hose”?
I think that they’ll enjoy,
no longer to dog-it in position,
as new mission airy they’ll employ.

For when bottoms-up is bottom down,
for one alake less even keel,
then Johnny’s boat will take wild ride,
as she chines in that rocker feel.

Although this couple does seem to be suffering from a Marshy-Cattail Breakup kinda thing.

Heavy is the Spring
that wears a flowered bloom
taking leave with Summer
to Fall away neath broom

Leaving us to Winter
pressed beneath a snow
that’s Marched away on wind
how lightly it all goes