Spring NE Surf Session

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A couple of us are planning a spring session in MA/NH sometime between April and Memorial Day (a lot depends on Mother Nature for waves). The RISK session was a huge success. As much as we may want to, we're not gonna let outselves get too caught up with matching or outdoing that event. We're interested in getting some feedback from surfer yakkers and (interested surf yakkers) though on some issues to help shape the next event. Some questions include:

- While we can find breaks similar to Little Compton, we're thinking maybe an easier venue to get more beginners and novices participating. Instead of big curls and power pockets that exact a major penalty for mistakes, we are thinking a more gradual sloped beach with spilling (and more forgiving) waves. How many would you be interested? Would the more advanced surfers out there still be interested in participating and perhaps showing the ropes, or is it mainly about the waves? (No judgement being made as it's totally understandable to get waves when they show. The bigger the better for some.)

- Would having long boats, i.e. sea kayaks, participating along with shorter boats, i.e. ww and dedicated surf boats, be an issue or non-issue? (Obviously longer boats generally do better in an easier venue.)

- Would having demo equipment be an important factor?

- Would having on-site food and refreshements be a factor. If yes, would you be willing to contribute or bring something for a beach potluck?

- If you're beginner/novice, would you like to have time for some coaching, or do you just want to get out an play?

These are just some of the initial planning issues. If you can think of other issues, please feel free to add on. Also, if you think you may want to help out in the planning and/or implementation of a future session, let me know and we'll get in touch.


Gosh Darn It!!!
just give me some waves and I’ll be a happy camper (or surfer in this case)! Oh wait, I already got my opinion in. What do other folks think… Yeah, yeah, that’s why I asked. Back to the top. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to surf
in a solo whitewater canoe?

One of my paddling buddies surfs in a C(overed canoe)1. At the RISK session, one guy was doing really well in his C1.


surf session

Sounds great, I’m in if I’m free for the time slot decided upon.


Tony, Any Thoughts On …
the questions…

We can find breaks comparable to RISK but our thinking is that those waves weren’t the most conducive to novices and beginners. On the other hand, if go with easier breaks, will we turn off the more advance surfyakkers? In on other words, we are struggling with the type of “attendee” for the future venue…


OH yeah, … Oh yeah!
More time in surf. Love to try a surf specific boat that could hold a 225 pound person well. Better get to more work losing weight.

Will surf anywhere my head is not in significant danger. Will surf more than one run where I can!

The “deal” is that Chris and I are trying to figure out whether to do Nahant – more forgiving for novice/beginners, plenty of parking – or Good Harbor which is similar to Little Compton. Good Harbor can be less forgiving and also has less parking.

Jenness is probably in the middle of the “difficulty” scale. More problematic is the parking at Jenness, or lack of. A turn-out like that at RISK would fill that lot up real quick. Probably piss of the locals and board surfers too.

Getting some ww or surf boats for folks to try is probably doable if the demand is there. Probably make more sense if decide to go to Nahant because it would bring folks newer to surf yakking. The die hard surf yakkers will have their own equipment, dialed in to their size and riding style.


Leave room for long boats
I generally surf my 17ft. Caribou. I don’t have a surf boat and probably won’t be able to afford one before a spring session. Besides, I LIKE surfing my long boat. That said, I definitely prefer more gentle conditions.

I’ll Take That
as a vote for Nahant. That’s where I started to surf – with a long boat – chasing waves from nor’easters. :slight_smile:


Nahant sounds great to me. Where exactly do you put in, on the thin strip connecting Nahant to Lynn, at little Nahant Beach, or some other place? I used to spearfish off the steps toward the south of Nahant, but this does not seem suitable. I’m just hoping I’ll be available for the time slot decided on.

. Tony

It depends
when you go to Genesse. Normally, the boarders are great and welcoming. However, the latest rate for parking there is a quarter for 15 minutes. Stock up and forgo doing any laundry for at least two weeks before you come.

Depends On Swell Direction…
On an east swell pretty much the whole beach is good. On a E-SE swell, the bigger waves are down on the Lynn side. On a NE swell, the bigger waves are on the Little Nahant side.

Parking is ample all along the beach. Entrance is gated. In season, you paid $3 to park all day. If the waves are going off on the Lynn side, there is free limited free parking on both sides of the old bathhouse and across the causeway next to the boat ramp.

I think the little beach on the other (SE) side of little Nahant is private, or restricted to Nahant residents.

Here’s a map showing the layout of the beach (the thin strip connecting mainland to Nahant (formerly an island).



coaching would be great
for beginners. I would love to come and learn how to play in the surf with some support. It looks like so much fun! The photos from the last session were a bit intimidating though, so it’s good to hear that there are kinder, gentler options.


from the last nspn rough water trip
I’ll tell you that 15 people showing up expecting coaching at one break is an invitation to disaster.

If folks want coaching, hookups through NSPN or p.net of whatever works are perhaps best.

Lastly, those who coach in surf must be disciplined about safety, and about the fact that they must take very few rides and dedicate this time to coaching. Hard to do if the waves are good unless service is truly the motive for the day.

Soup Zone
is a great place to feel and play what’s left of the dissipated wave. You can still ride these and learn to brace in them.

I am sure we’ll have safety boaters and shoreline spotters to help swimmers in and to retrieve equipment. “Rescue” in surf is really about getting the swimmer and equipment in and not about getting someone back into a boat while in the water. Too dangerous for rescuer and rescuee.

The water will be warmer. That in itself will make the spring session more forgiving.


With All Due Respect…

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Peter, don't know which one of the "rough water" trips you're referring to, but neither of the two I am aware of were set up as "surfing sessions." You folks were out in long boats which aren't necessary optimized for surfing. And stacking up at one break is not ideal, especially in boats that can't manuevered like ww and surf boats. On a beach, you're spread out. And someone has to go over the ettiquette of catching waves. Plus, surfing is not about playing at sea kayaking rescues, where you're trying to put someone back in their boat... That's why whenever I post a surfing sho&go, I always state -- "be prepared to self rescue in the surf, i.e. swim for shore." The surf environment is different from some offshore break. And certainly a "surfing session" wouldn't be set up for Lanes Cove.

You missed some of the surfing sho&gos that were at Nahant a couple of summers ago. We had 20 plus long boats out in 2' waves. Every body had a blast and no one got hurt.


BTW, “Coaching…”

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that I have gotten in the surf is about getting a pointer here and there and working on it. No one can "surf" for you. You take what's given and try it out, work on it, and hopefully get it down.

If you want "hand holding", a surf session is not the place to get it. Maybe at an outfitter. Even then, I doubt anyone can hand hold you unless it's a one-on-one type of situation...

I should declare that I don't like to be "hand held" nor do I like to hold others' hands. I am pretty sure folks who are into hand holding won't be happy at a session.


Yeah I hear you!
Sounds like hte wave etiquette session was a good idea! We all had a good time on our trip and nobody got hurt but bumping boats at speed certainly has that potential. I’m sure that anything you are involved n the planning of will be well thought out and well planned.

Getting or making float bags for the arc.

Maybe “coaching” was the wrong word
but it sure beats “hand holding” which is definitely not what I meant.