Spring Ozark Rendezvous 2024

If we can’t take out at Sunburst, my preference would be to camp for free at Patrick Bridge MDC campground and access. Starting during the week, I don’t expect campsite availability will be an issue…except no elec. hookups.

I should add, if others have already made reservations at Sunburst, we will go with the group. The social aspect of paddling and camping with friends is more important than shuttle logistics.

Pat - Blair Bridge does not have steps it is a ramp, so pretty easy to get up.
Marty - I understand your frustration but these private campgrounds can do whatever they want and obviously it is not hurting their business. I still prefer to stay where I have a shower and I don’t think you get that at an MDC campground.
We can give it a few more days and see if anyone else chimes in but if we stayed at Twin Bridges we would be taking out at Blair Bridge anyway. Also, if we do that section on Thursday odds are we can use the landing we just would have to pay $ 10.00 per boat.


Not that it helps make a decision, but I have no preference. I just checked with the dog and she doesn’t care, just wants to know when she gets to go swimming. I just need to know where folks are going to be so I can reserve accordingly.

So to help make a decision, I called Twin Bridges and the cost for a tent site is $ 25.00 a night since it’s “off season” after Memorial Day it is $ 15.00 plus $ 5.00 per person. Sunburst is $ 10.00 per person per night. I have no idea how much electric is for either place. I’m all for the lowest price, even with 2 of us it’s still cheaper at Sunburst. I’ll give it until Sunday for others to chime in otherwise I’ll make an executive decision but if others still want to camp some place else that is their choice but it is nice if everyone is together.

My computer has been crashing repeatedly during the last couple of weeks so I was unable to respond. But I will go along with whatever others want to do. I agree that availability of showers would be nice.

Ok - its official, this year we will stay at Sunburst Ranch on the North Fork of the White River. Please call to make reservations 417-284-3443. Stephanie is the owner.

so I’ll be arriving May 8th and departing May 12th, I could paddle in the morning on the 12th, on may 7th I’m paddling in the ghost river natural area in TN before coming over, after the rendezvous on May 13th and 14th I plan to paddle at Land between the Lakes on the ky side, paddling on lake cumberland on May 15th, and doing a class II, III run below Cumberland falls on Sunday May 19th, I can give more details if anyone wants to join me for my enroute paddling- looking forward to it, reservations for camping at sunburst have been made, let’s go paddlin’!


Update - When I called to make my reservations today they obviously raised their prices since when I emailed them earlier this year. Price is now $ 12.00 per night, per person instead of $ 10.00 for tent sites.

At this point does anyone anticipate arriving at Sunburst before Wednesday May 8th? If so and you are interested in paddling on the Wednesday (or prior) please let me know.

If nobody chimes in I will plan to arrive on the Wednesday.

The North Fork got charged up with a good bit of water the day before yesterday.

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Hey all, finally able to log in, I know I’m not the only one having this issue. Looks like the North Fork is holding at 3’ which is a great level, may get a bit more as there are storms on Wednesday and they could be severe, so be safe while travelling through MO. After Wednesday, weather looks great. FYI - Dora is only 20 minutes from camp and as you recall the gas station Roy’s has a restaurant. Look forward to seeing everyone!

Where will the pictures be posted for those of us that aren’t on FB.
I’m: Victoria Apellaniz Whelan
Or email: vawfreedom2013@gmail.com

Anita, missed seeing you at Sunburst, its been long time and one of my top things that made me want to go. To paddle with you again

Incase it’s here just a few