Spring Ozark Rendezvous 2024

As I sit her with Margaret and JoAnne (JoAnne is here for a visit) the subject of Spring Rendezvous came up. Since we did the Buffalo last year in the spring is there any interest in going to the North Fork of the White? I know the last view times we have been at Twin Bridges we have not been happy with the property. JoAnne and I stayed at Sunburst Ranch a few years ago and was very pleased with the property and the owners are very nice. I did message them at the end of last year and they will open April 1 and water will be on. Tent sites are $ 10.00 per person per night. They also have some electric sites but I’m not positive on cost of those. Only “downfall” with them is their is no shade as they lost all of their trees in the big flood and they do not have a restaurant but Dora isn’t that far. I know last year we moved it to the second weekend of May, do we want to go back to the first weekend which would be May 1-5 or go with May 8-12? Because of lack of vacation time as we are going to Glacier in August I will arrive Wednesday evening and paddle Thursday-Saturday and come home Sunday. If others what to do another river speak up, I think most are open! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the river soon!

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I’d definitely be interested in doing the North Fork. Certainly not opposed to other places though. Looking forwards to whatever we land on.

As I approach my 77th I am experiencing multiple medical issues (!) so am delaying travel plans. If traveling I will go wherever the group is gathering and will want electrical hook-up for my trailer… Would Pulltite and the Current/Jacks Fork be a considered alternative?

The museum at which I volunteer is scheduled to have our first tank ride that first Saturday of May and we will probably need to get the tank out for a shake-out and troubleshooting run sometime earlier that week, so the second week would work out better for me.

The North Fork of the White and Sunburst Ranch are fine with me.

Ok, then we can plan on May 8-12 at the North Fork of the White River camping at Sunburst Ranch.

I’ll reach out to the owner the first of April to see if we need to make official reservations or because of the time of year it is we can just show up. I know tent sites are $ 10.00 per person per day. I know they have some electric sites, if you are looking for an electric site please contact them directly. They are technically closed for winter but the owner may respond to email.

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I’m really really going to try and not let other things interrupt my spring trip with everyone. Hope its a tad drier this spring than it was during our last visit there.

Apon reviewing the site and its restrictions… it appears the the Sunburst Ranch may not take kindly to our shuttle vehicles using their beach facilities???